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Dhaatu Puppet Festival -2010 Presents

THE EPIC QUIZ – Educating People in Indian Culture

A two day quiz program will be held at the Freedom Park, Bangalore on the 14 and 15 of May 2010 @ 11 am.  The quiz will be about the content of traditional art forms of India.  It will mainly encompass the Indian Epics Ramayan & Mahabharata and select Sanskrit Plays.  Each team shall consist of  2 contestants.

  • I Prize worth Rs 5,000/-
  • II Prize worth Rs 3,500/-
  • III Prize worth Rs 2,000/-
  • 10 consolation prizes each worth Rs 500/-

Ages 13-16 :

a) Mahabharata, all 18 Parvas – w.r.t. Storyline, Period, Important Characters, Important Incidents, Famous Upa-kathas(short stories),Bhagavad-Geeta outline.

b) Sanskrit Dramas : Abhijnana Shakuntalam, Malavikagnimitram, Vikramorvashiyam, Ratnavali, Swapnavasavadatta, Madhyamavyayoga – w.r.t Poet, Storyline, Characters, Period, Patronage and Geographical reference.

Ages 10-12 :

a) Valmiki Ramayana – w.r.t. Storyline, Period, Characters, Ancestry, Concept of Rasa, Mapping, Names of Rishis, Famous Authors of Ramayana in other Languages.

b) Sanskrit Dramas Abhijnana Shakuntalam, Madhyamanvyayoga, Oorubhanga- w.r.t Author, Storyline, Characters

Books recommended:

Ramayana– Amara Chitra Katha, Eleyara Ramayana, Rajaji Ramayana, Characters of Ramayana by Bharata Samskruta Darshna

Mahabharatha–Mahabharatha By Smt Kamala Subramanyam(Bhavan’s Pub), Kishorabharata, Mahabharata by L.S. Sheshagiri Rao, Amara Chitra katha.

Dramas– Internet, Amar Chitra Katha ,  Book Stores


  1. Written-Qualifying round
  2. Oral quiz
  3. Crossword
  4. Puppet play-Guess the scene/context
  5. Jeopardy

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