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  Area : West of Chord Road

Sri Radha Krishna temple and cultural complex, which is an architectural masterpiece is set on a seven-acre hillock called the ‘Hare Krishna Hill’. This is ISKCON’s global project to commemorate the birth centennial of its founder Sri Prabhupada. Built in the Neo-Classical style, it combines traditional elements of temple architecture with high-tech utilities. Ornamental arches and illuminated water cascades lead to an elaborately decorated Rajagopuram. There is a unique open air amphitheatre for concerts and festivals.The four temple ‘gopurams’ are connected by a stunning glazed glass canopy which forms the main ‘Hari Naam Kirtan’ – a hall of 10,000 square feet. The hall has wonderful ceiling paintings. There are also Vedic museums and exhibit areas, a lecture hall with multiple language translation system and landscaped gardens. The main attraction is ISKCON Vedic Theatre, where a multimedia Vedic film is shown.

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