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Mythree Samskritha-Samskriti Foundation

‘Catch them young; and create the change in them.’

India has since millennia been at the receiving end of many political invasions and military conquests. Through these experiences, the country has always enriched itself culturally. It has adopted new ideas, molded them to suit the local ideas, and has held a beacon of light to the rest of the world. Through luminary personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Gautama Buddha, Emperor Ashoka, and innumerable others, India has shown the world the true meaning of tolerance and international brotherhood.

However, the current cultural invasion through the new media, is affecting the minds and hearts of our future generations. They are getting attracted to alien ideals and living in an illusory world. Every human being has roots, and the cultural roots are the ones easiest to break and most important to cherish. It is towards this objective that Mythree Foundation strives to create awareness and create transformation for a glorious future.

To enlighten the lives of millions of children across the country, and begin a cultural revolution that will uphold India’s rich culture, heritage and diverse traditions.
By touching the souls of innocent and impressionable children, to make them aware of our roots and thus respect them.

Mythree Foundation conducts activities primarily for children. The activities revolve around the cultural awareness and uplift of these children. Various activities like conducting classes, workshops, seminars, competitions, etc. help the child understand that true meaning of culture and thus uphold it in every situation. These activities have been equally appreciated by the parents and the schools.
Mythree Foundation also conducts events where dignitaries are invited and share their inspiration with the other members. Awards are given away by them to encourage the noble endeavors of other enterprising members of the society.
The foundation also conducts various seminars and events to respect and reward the defence personnel and ex-servicemen, to promote patriotism and engage the people in active participation

• Develop self confidence and courage in children through Meditation, Yoga and Pranayaama.
• To spread knowledge to the young minds about the great achievements of our ancient sages and seers.
• To revive traditional family values in our youth.
• To revive Sanaathana Samskrithi the ancient and eternal culture for harmony and peace.
• To emphasize the importance of certain qualities like concentration, faith, compassion, co-operative living and positive attitude.


This is the first level of the program that actively engages the schools and the children, and imparts knowledge through interactive sessions, a book and audio CD.
Contents of the Book –
• The daily routine of children for a life.
• Samkrith verses for regular cultural practices.
• Prayers.
• An introduction to Bhagavadgeetha.
• Good thoughts for the day.
• Teaching of simple sentence formation in samskrith.
• Subhashitha verses.
• Knowledge about great personalities through stories.
• Important festivals, Sacred Seven Rivers of India & Greatness of Holy Places.
• An introduction to Panchanga, the Hindu calendar.
• Vande Matharam.
• Shanti mantras-hymns for peace.
• Eating our nutritious food in a hygienic and healthy manner.


Level two of the program engages the students who have participated in level 1 to evolve through ancient wisdom and practices that will enable them to lead a life of discipline, self-respect and bliss. The knowledge is imparted through interactive sessions, book and Audio CD.
Contents of the Book –
• Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation.
• Personality development.
• Stories.
• Points to be remembered, and many other aspects.
Samskaara Sourabha is a continuation of Samskaara Sugandha


Level 3 of the program engages the students who have participated in level 1 & 2, to evolve further through higher level of learning, understanding and introspection.
This book contains 1111 questions and answers in a quiz form, dealing with various aspects of Indian culture like Vedas and Upanishads, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Puranas, General Knowledge, ancient and modern aspects of nomenclature, science and scientists, books and their authors, aspects of numbers and statements of thought. Thus there are ten divisions.
Rasabindu is a continuation of Ssamskaara Sugandha & Samskaara Sourabha.

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