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Atmashrama – A place to know the self

  Address : 1285,10th Main,Vijayanagar, Bangalore
  Contact No. : 08041644534
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Means Vedic Wisdom for Modern Living
Details tmashrama is a multi-faceted non-profit spiritual organization having a global reach, striving to spread the wisdom of the Vedic scriptures to today’s modern man who is full of anxiety, worry, stress, disease and is crunched for time and space.
The Ashrama spearheads diverse initiatives aimed at uplifting humanity by spreading knowledge and practice of Atmopasana as an absolutely essential, authentic means for the enrichment and allround upliftment of mankind.

The Ashrama is effectively & efficiently catering to the needs of few devout and dedicated aspirants, who want to make a difference in their own life and are on the path to set a blazing trail, which is a model for others.

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