Yogashree,a project of Hindu Seva Pratistana

Yogashree situated near Ramakrishna Garden, Girinagar,


Contact:080- 26729894

Yogashree is one of the most prominent wings of “Hindu Seva Prathistana” an NGO in the service of mankind for the last three decades. Yoga addresses many psychosomatic ailments, a consequence of modern lifestyles, apart from the much needed spiritual evolution. Thus yoga has been a panacea for alcohol addiction, depression and other such psychological problems.

Yogashree has, over a period of time, succcessfully conducted over a thousand yoga camps, which include camps for the physically and mentally challenged, juvenile deliquents and   prisoners.

Yogashree also has the unique achievement of training over 40,000 people in yoga, to its credit. The volunteers are trained intensely so that they are involved in the wide propagation of it.

Yogashree begins at 5 a.m and continue till 8 p.m in several batches. The volunteers are aptly called “Sevavrithis” for they devote their time, energy and virtually their entire life, unconditionally for this noble cause. They travel extensively to every part of Karnataka to extend their services.

Yogashree also trains several Yoga aspirants who assist in the daily activities of Yogashree.

Yogashree has also many unifying and harmonious activities like Annual day, educational tours for the students, celebrating national festivals to promote patriotism and Rakshabhandhana to improve inter personal relationship.

The products of Yogashree reflect the best of our culture which is so lacking in the society today.

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