Sri Panduranga Vishnu Sahasranama Mandali

  Area : Malleswaram
  Address : #56, 3 Cross, Swimming pool extension, Malleswaram, Bangalore-560003
  Pincode : 560003

About the Mandali :

Sri Panduranga Vishnu Sahasranama Mandali is a charitable organisation, which made its earnest beginning in the year 1996 with a handful of members. We are proud today to be amidst a group of members dedicating their selfless service comprehending the missionof spreading a touch of humaneness among the masses.

Mission :

  • “Spreading the Tradition of Spirituality” in everyone’s life.
  • Reciting Vishnu Sahasranama by everyone
  • To be helpful to the needy

    Conducting Vishnu Sahasranama classes
    Holding Satsang at regular intervels
    Chanting Vishnu Sahasranama and Bhajans at different places
    Non-Stop chanting of Cishnu Sahasranama on Vaikunta Ekadashi day
    Conducting free health camps and blood donations
    Distribution of books to deprived students and scholarships
    Free clothing to poor people
    Providing food to downtrodden slum dwellers
    Conducting plantation programmes
    Voluntary eye donation camps
    Still more……..

    15 Responses to Sri Panduranga Vishnu Sahasranama Mandali

    1. d.radhakrishnnan

      i want to attend to vishnu sahasranam group chanting kindly confirm the detailed charts and dates sham

    2. Sujatha S

      I am very much interested to attend this classes I stay in Anandnagar, near RT Nagar. Bangalore.

    3. SreeDevi


      I am very intrested in learning Vishnu sahasranama,kindly guide me.
      Thank u

    4. Panduranga Vishnu sahasranama Mandali

      Jai Sriman Narayana, Thank you very much, pl join us on Jan 5 2012 at Malleshwaram Grounds on Vaikunta Eakadashi Day Non Stop Chanting for 27 Hours. kindly give your phone no. pl.Thanks Jayakumar, Phone 09620061555.

    5. Somnath

      Namaste, I am Somnath living abroad, started reading Vishnu Sahasranama from Last 7 years but was not knowing proceedures and importance of Pronounciation etc. Last year i met one Brahmin astrologer he tought me Ganesha sloka with OM/Hreem/ Kleem Bhijakshra , with rush and god name and tought me how to do then i was chating the same with touching head for Rushi/ touching part between upparlip and nasika and heart etc, same i applied while chanting VishnuSahasranama aslo. But this time i went to Ask Brahmin Scholar becoz i am belongs to Billawa Comunity (i don t know i come under Shoodra or any other Varna )asked whether i can chant or not? he said you can chant and tought pronounciation also and i am started practicing under his guidence but he told me to not do any Achamana or Name of Rushi etc, and not to chant starting with OM and End with OM. I stopped eating vegeterian since 3years and not going to eat in my future life also but i am confused and since i am habituated chanting as per the book with above proceedure , now to chant strait names i am feeling something missing. Please guide me how i should Chant and please correct my proceedure. Pranam.


      i am ready to attend classes on saturdays and sundays kindly send the phone no detials

    7. admin

      Please contact for details

    8. admin

      Please contact for details

    9. admin

      Please contact for details

    10. admin

      To attend the classes please contact this mail id


      i want to chant the vishnu saharasanam on saturdays kindly give me

      the chart for chanting.

    12. shyam k. jingade

      Kindly let me know whether u do shanthi bhajan for the departed sole.

    13. Sriram

      Radhae Krishna

      Iam Sriram From chennai. I have been going to almost all bhajans in chennai and now im coming to banglore for higher studies. As a sishya of Shri Kannan Bhagavathar im not able to be without attending bhajans.. Kindly give me all bhajans details to attend in abnglore from june..

      Radhae krishna
      Jai Sriram

    14. admin

      There are many bhajan centers in bangalore too..
      You can assosiate with any of those depending on where you stay..


    15. Jayakumar

      For details you can pl contact Jayakumar, 09886643917

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