Profile of Ramakrishna Ashrama, Basavanagudi, Bangalore

Bull Temple Road, Basavanagudi, Bangalore – 560 019
Ph No: 08026613149

Motto: “Atmano mokshartham jagaddhitaya cha” i.e., working for one’s own spiritual growth as also for the welfare of the world.

Method: Work is worship.

Attitude: Loving and serving man as divine.

Means: “Renunciation and service” i.e., renouncing the unripe ego and converting all work into service.

Aim : Practice and dissemination of Sanatana Dharma, the Vedanta, in the light of the life and teaching of Sri Ramakrishna, Sri Sarada Devi and Swami Vivekananda.


Swami Vivekananda established the Ramakrishna Order of monks, the Ramakrishna math and Ramakrishna mission, as per the direction of his Guru, Sri Ramakrishna. Ramakrishna math is a religio-cultural organization. It lays emphasis on the dissemination of spiritual and cultural ideals. This organization is rooted firmly in the ancient monastic principles of chastity and renunciation. It embraces the whole gamut of religio-spiritual values like oneness of Truth, Divinity of man, and Harmony of Religions.


A few honorable citizens of Bangalore who were inspired by the message of Sri Ramakrishna and the call of Swami Vivekananda established a Vedanta Society in 1901. They requested Swami Ramakrishnananda who was at Madras, to establish a permanent centre of Ramakrishna Order in Bangalore. On their request Ramakrishna math, Bangalore came into existence in 1904 in a rented building. In 1909, the monastery was shifted to its own premises which was gifted to the centre by the government of Mysore. Swami Brahmananda, the then president of the Ramakrishna Order, inaugurated the math building in January 1909.


Sri Ramakrishna temple in the Math has become a source of inspiration for devotees. This temple contains the holy relics of Sri Ramakrishna. The relics and the daily congregation of devotees make this place vibrant with divinity.
This Math was sanctified by Sri Sarada Devi. She stayed here for three days in March, 1911. She also sanctified the little hillock at the back of the Math building by sitting there in meditation.
Another valuable possession the Math has, is the stone bench which was used by Swami Vivekananda when he came to Bangalore in 1892.
The math has also been sanctified by Swamis Brahmanandaji, Shivanandaji, Ramakrishnanandhaji and Abhedanandaji – direct disciples of Sri Ramakrishna.


Perceiving the divinity in man and serving him is the philosophy behind all the activities of the Ramakrishna math.

Shrine and Prayer hall:

The activities of this Math centre round the shrine where daily worship of Sri Ramakrishan is conducted. The evening Arati is accompanied by Bhajans. This provides the devotees with the atmosphere necessary for their spiritual growth.


With the object of bringing as many people as possible into contact with the inspiring ideals and values, the Math celebrates the birthdays of Divine Personalities and important festivals.

To effectively spread the religious and ethical principles, celebrations are held annually with programs having mass appeal like Harikatha, devotional music, film-shows and other cultural activities.

Book-sales section:

To disseminate religious and cultural values, to propagate the ideals of Vedanta, to enable people to acquaint themselves with Swami Vivekananda’s message of character-building, the Math publishes and sells religious books in various languages. Along with books, photographs of gods and goddesses, audio cassettes, CD’s and video CD’s are also available for sale.

Library and reading room:

To facilitate enrichment of knowledge, the library has books on religion, philosophy, psychology, self-development and various other topics in English, Kannada and Sanskrit languages. An audio-cassette and CD library is an added attraction.

Vivekananda Balaka Sangha and Vivekananda Yuvaka Sangha – blossoming of personality:

The Balaka Sangha is a cultural organization for boys above 9 years and the Yuvaka Sangha is for young men above 16 years. This organization is to import man-making and character-building education. Culture of body and intellect without character, values and positive goals, leads to civilized barbarism. Vivekananda Balaka Sangha lays emphasis on harmonious development of the head, the hand and the heart.

Auditorium and lecture hall:

Spiritual discourses, scriptural classes, value Oriented Retreats and Satsangas for the devotees are conducted regularly. Discourses and Satsangs are organized in the Math as well as outside to propagate the universal message of Vedanta. Interviews and guidance concerning spiritual life are given to the needy aspirants.

Sri Ramakrishna Vidyarthi Mandiram:

This is a hostel for collage boys with a calm and serene atmosphere. It provides multifarious facilities to the boys for their academic excellence. The door of the Vidyarthi Mandiram is open to all. The only demands made of the students are discipline and earnestness. The aim of the Mandiram is to supplement the academic education by imparting training conducive to an all-round growth of the personality.

Welfare activities:

Realizing that there are meritorious youngsters among the less fortunate members of the society, merit-cum-means scholarships have been instituted. Poor and deserving students are being awarded these scholarships.

67 Responses to Profile of Ramakrishna Ashrama, Basavanagudi, Bangalore

  1. meena

    Is there a guru at basanvagudi branch to guide us in meditation ?

  2. admin

    yes. there is a guru to guide us.

  3. sri

    what are the opening timings in the evening?

  4. vani

    Respected concern,

    Iam a qualified working woman.I wolud like to join ashram and serve as well a keep working.Iam worship Swami Vivekananda and Sri Ramakrishna guruji.
    Please explain my queries……..
    Thank you.

  5. admin

    Nice to hear that from you.
    Ramakrishna Ashram always has a place for those who are willing to serve.
    You please visit the nearest Ramakrishna Ashram and meet the office Swamiji and tell your concern.
    You can even get spiritual guidance from the monastics.


  6. Alka

    God has blessed me with everything but I am suffering mentally due to acute insecurity. I need help from meditation and the teachings of the Guru as well as get over my negative thoughts by serving others. Is there a provision at the ashram to do so? i stay in Koramangala. Which is the nearest ashram?

  7. admin


    Yes. There is a provision in Ashram to serve. There are two Ramakrishna Ashrams in Bangalore; one in Basavanagudi and the other in Ulsoor.
    There are Vivekananda Yuvaka Sangha for which you can be an active part and you will have some direct classes(some regarding meditations) from senior monks. You can even contact the office of any Ashram and get the appointment to have a spiritual guidance from the monks.


  8. Nagraj


    Is there a website for Ramakrishna Ashrama, Basavanagudi, Bangalore? I need to know the detailed profile of this facility and the tax benefits information to mobilize the donation activities within my company and friends circle.

    I’m an ex–resident of this area. Appreciate your response.


  9. admin


    Yes. There is a website for Ramakrishna Ashrama, Basavanagudi, Bangalore.
    The details for donations are in




  11. renukumara

    Namaste swamiji
    i want to take mantra deekshe what to do for that pls kindly help me in that issue

  12. admin


    It is very nice to hear that you want mantra deeksha(Initiation).
    You can take mantra deeksha from Swami Smarananda Maharaj(Vice President) of Ramakrishna Mission in the month of February.
    He will be giving deeksha for 3 days in Bangalore.
    For that you have to fill up the application form in December.
    Please contact Ashrama for further details.


  13. pundareesha

    Respected guruji, I Pundaresha residing in Mysore. kindly give me an apointment for my son’s treatment.
    My E-mail :
    My mobile No. 9448556791

  14. renukumara

    swamiji i want to take guidence from sudhus at basavanagudi ashrama for that what to and whome i contact and what time can i contact pls guide me

  15. renukumara

    swamiji i heard in ramakrishna mission deekshe is given in mass i think it is not good because mantra deekshe is secret and all peoples are from different baclground then how mantra deekshe will good in mass pls clear my doubt because i want to take deekshe so help me in this

  16. admin


    It is a mass program. But, the mantra for individuals is given secretly. For that mantradeeksha, there are some customs which everyone should follow to become pure. So, I think this should not be a problem. Please visit nearest Ashram for further details.


  17. admin

    You can take any spiritual guidance from the monks of the Ashram. With normal sadhus, you can directly go and speak whenever they are free. If you want to meet President Swamiji(Swami Harshananda), you need to take appointment from office. Office timings is morning 9:00 to 12:00 and evening 4:00 to 6:30.


  18. Aarthi

    Pranams ,

    i will be working in an ngo from april in bangalore and would like to stay in the ashram and do some service along with working.
    kindly guide me on this.

  19. nagashree


    Do you conduct veda chanting classes at bull temple road centre. if yes, please provide me details of it.

    thank you

  20. mega

    Namaste ,
    May i now about Kalpataru day as i am new to the mission , May i also know the events happening on that day at the basavanagudi ashram .Can i take the mantra on that day .

  21. admin

    Kalpataru day is on the 1 Jan of every year.
    We will let you know the programs as soon as possible.
    Mantra deeksha has been fixed on Feb 12 and Feb 14 of 2011.
    Please visit Ashram for more details.


  22. admin

    There is no class as such.
    But there will be veda chant every morning.
    Please visit Ashram for further details.


  23. admin


    Better to visit Ashram and talk with the Swamiji there.


  24. Niratha Shyam Shetty

    Dear Sirs,

    Can you tell me if you have any spiritual classes in the month of April (after 16th April) Because I am looking some spritual camps to my son who is 15 years old.

    Kindly give the details if you have and oblige.

  25. Muthuraj

    Iam doing meditation by reading books but i need guruji to share or clarify doubts.
    follower of swamy vivekananda from childhood.

  26. admin


    Please contact the nearest Ramakrishna Ashrama.
    There the sadhus will definitely guide you.


  27. Mrs.sahana Wodeyar

    Iam a house wife,for some reasons i am completly exhausted and i need a serene place where i can spend just a couple of days in meditaion and come back home relaxed.can i stay in your ashram?If not please see that even women can be a part of the ashram and please allow them to stay there.This is a humble request,allow us also to be near the masters.

  28. admin

    There is a Sharadashram in Bangalore I guess. Please visit the Ramakrishna Ashram and convey your desire. They will surely guide you further.


  29. bhojaraja

    i am dreaming like vivekananda when he was naren…….wether to choose sanyasa or gruhasta ashrama……..i need sugession from you……..

  30. admin


    Its great to hear that.
    In our Vedic culture, there are two roads to reach the Ultimate Goal i:e Moksha. One is Pravrutti(staying in the world, doing the righteous duty without expecting which is termed as Nishkama Karma Yoga) and the other is Nivrutti(renouncing the world, striving for God and only God).

    We may not be the right people to give you suggestion. But, you please visit the Ashram and meet the Swamiji there and share your feelings. You also talk to those who are unbiased.

  31. jetu singh

    want to have reading habit but not getting what shall i do….???

  32. admin

    Be a member of Ramakrishna Math Library or any other library for that matter.
    You will get nice books.
    I prefer you read life history of great men to start with if you are starting up now..


  33. Abedh

    Namasthe Sir,

    I am 25 year old man (Single) who would like to join the ashram. I am basically a mechanical engineering graduate. I don’t have any liabilities to my family. My family consist of five members (My Father, Mother and two young brothers) Our family is financially sound. I am not able to cop up with materialistic world. From my childhood i love calm and lonely environment. I love to get into spiritual world.

    I would like to join ashram. Is it possible?


  34. admin


    You can certainly join.
    But, visit the nearest Ashram for the details and suggestions.


  35. Manjunath Rao

    Namaste Guruji,
    please tell me what is mantra deeksha, how do i take this deeksha ? what discipline i should follow ?

  36. Rajesh

    Namaste Sir,
    Whenever I hear or do keertanas or bhajans in the ashrama, my eyes will fill with tears and unable sing. Is this good? or I have to control my self? Pl clear my confussion. Many of disciples of gurumaharaj (Nagamahashay) was dancing with tears in the eyes. But Gurumaharaj says a story and give an example of an elephant entered in the pond.

  37. nagenra

    Hi , i am working professional and willing to join ashram and spend rest of my life, pls guide me

  38. keshav

    pls let me know if a women can join ur ashrama and serve. will u provide food and shelter?

  39. admin

    There is a sister organization called Saradashrama for women. You can meet either Ramakrishna Ashrama or Saradashrama for further details. Because there are many rules and aspects you need to know before joining.


  40. admin

    Nice to hear that you want to dedicate your rest of life for the sake of God and the society.
    But, these kind of thoughts comes and goes to many people. You just visit Ashram once and speak to the Swamiji there and share your thoughts.
    He will guide you in the right way.


  41. admin


    I also feel it as a good sign and you are very much devotional I guess. But, we can’t conclude like that.
    Please visit and ask any of the Sadhaks or Swamiji there. They would probably clear your confusion.


  42. admin

    Mantra deeksha means INITIATION for the spiritual life through Mantra Sadhana.
    Mananaat trayate iti Mantra means which protects us just by remembering.
    Generally, Mantra will have four parts.
    Pranava(OM), Root word(Beejapada), IshtaDevata’s name and Pramnams(Namaha).
    Japa means reapeating the Mantra a lot of times. It has a great power and many people have raised to great levels by Mantra Sadhana.
    From the day you get initiated, you should believe the IshtaDevata is the Supreme God. This doesn’t mean you should not worship other Gods.
    You have to take deeksha from a efficient Guru.
    In Ramakrishna Ashrama, either President or Vice president will initiate.
    The discipline and how to do and all should not be disclosed. It should come from Guru only.
    So, please visit Ashrama for details regarding initiation in Ashram or if you believe any person as a real Guru(spiritually advanced), you can receive from Him.


  43. sudha


    I am a house wife and have one child.l am totally exhausted with my
    family so i want to come out from that place with my child .Can u please
    Provide me a job and shelter? My qualification is BTech and i already
    Worked as a software engineer.

  44. R N PADMA

    I want to know is the book NARAYANEEYAM BY BINDIGANAVILE NARAYANASWAMY ONLY SHLOKAS available at present if so what is the rate

  45. Padmakshan.P

    I am a product of RIMSE,Mysore and have worked as a teacher in RKMission School,Narottam Nagar.I am thrilled to know that Swami Harshananda, the then correspondant of RIMSE,Mysore is the present president of Ramakrishna Math,Basavanagudi. swamiji inspired me a lot and I am leading a life up to the ideals of RIMSE.My humble salutations to my beloved Swamiji.I wish to meet him.Could u please help?

  46. admin

    Please contact,
    Bull Temple Road, Basavanagudi, Bangalore – 560 019
    Ph No: 08026613149


    Namaskar Sir,
    I am Mukundan, residing in Coimbatore. I am a B.Com Gruaduate and I have accounts and stores experience. I am 48 years old and single. I am totally exhausted with my family (Mother and Brothers). Now i am feeling very lonely and also I don’t have any savings. So I want to come out from that place.But I have good health and broadminded. I would like to stay in your ashram and serve as well a keep working. Can you please provide me opportunity to serve elder ones. This is my humble request. Please help.

  48. admin

    Please contact
    Bull Temple Road, Basavanagudi, Bangalore – 560 019
    Ph No: 08026613149

  49. Bharath Seshadri

    Good morning Sir,
    I am interested in working with Ramakrishna Ashram. I look forward to be a mind blowing(in the positive sense :-) ) contributor to Rama Krishna Ashram guided every moment by the grace of Lord Krishna . I have 11 years experience( 8 years as a Java developer and 3 years as a tester). I have completed my ISTQB Foundation Level certification. I am also learning Carnatic music in Vijaya School of music(Vocal) and have around 4 years experience playing the violin(Carnatic music).
    I have attached my profile. Please go through my career details. I look forward to a suitable time to attend an interview if my profile is selected for an appropriate position as a siksha of Guru Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. Looking forward to be a part of an team as close as a “Happy Family”.
    Thanking you,
    Yours Sincerely,

  50. Renukumara H J

    Namaste Swamiji
    i took mantra deekshe this year in basavanagudi mutt and now i am studying second year MCA now i am 23 years old and i want to join MUTT as bramhachari in basavanagudi but i am thinking than still i am not fit for that so i am in confusion pls guide me what do to become servent of ramakrishna.

  51. admin

    Please Contact…
    Bull Temple Road, Basavanagudi, Bangalore – 560 019
    Ph No: 08026613149

  52. admin

    Plese Conact
    Bull Temple Road, Basavanagudi, Bangalore – 560 019
    Ph No: 08026613149

  53. Renukumara H J

    Namaste Swamiji
    Now I am 24 years old and studying 2nd year MCA. From past one and half years i have contact with Ramakrishna Ashrama and i took initiation from Swami Smaranandaji Maharaj last year. From 3 years i am trying to join ramakrishna ashrama but not possible i am thinking it is not possible to me but i want to become bramha jnani and to serve world.and now in college days facing very difficult to maintain bramhacharya pls guide me how to be bramhachari pls guide in these two issues.

  54. admin

    Its nice to hear that you have taken deeksha last year.
    I hope you are doing the japam and upasana regularly.

    You have requested for the ways to keep Bramhacharya. It is great to hear it.
    But it should be in kaaya-vaacha-manasa(word-thought-action)

    1 .First and foremost thing you should know is the advantages of Brahmacharya. then intellectually you will be convicted.
    Then, there are many ways to remain as Brahmachari. Remember you have taken deeksha of Ramakrishna, who was an ajanma Brahmachari. This Ramakrishna Mission has been started by the great Swami Vivekananda who was an askhalita Veerya throughout his life. Please contemplate and meditate on this. “Yadbhavam Tadbhavati” – So u also will be raised to great levels.

    2. Dont mingle with friends who talk much about girls and their matters.

    3. Try to feel that every girl is a manifestation of Goddess.

    4. Follow strict rules in food. Avoid eating onion, garlic, more chilly, more salt and other rajasic foods. Instead lead your life on sattvic food.

    5. Be convicted that body is nothing but a plastic cover(skin) containing many more covers(all dirty things in body). This may help you come out of that.

    6. You can even try with some of the Hatha Yoga Asanas for Bramhacharya like Sirsasana, Sarvangasana, Bramhacharyasana etc.

    8. Last, but not the least, infact the best way is to cry in front of the IshtaDevata to make you successful in this work.

    All the best.

    Best Wishes

  55. Raju

    Namaste Guruji..

    I am from Hubli, I want to download Swami Vivekanda’s life style in audio format.. Could you help me..
    Its my cell Num:8147371674

  56. admin

    U can get a video of brief life sketch of Swami Vivekananda in our site itself.


  57. shilpa

    I am shilpa. I am married and want to spare some of my time in serving people in there any oppurtunity in doing seva of the people. if so please let us know some of the methods of serving.

    Thank you

  58. admin

    @Shilpa and Madhu,

    Please visit the Ashram office to get the details.


  59. madhu

    Im madhu… im so depressed girl…..i lost all my will power…im working a Engineer but im not at all intreseted in this job….i want to serve in ashrama….Please let me know

  60. manjula

    Is there any meditation classes offered in ashram

  61. Amogh Chakravarthy

    May I have more details about the Yukava Sangha, please. I intend to join the Sangha next year. :)

  62. deb

    Is there any centre of yours near BTM ? Would like to learn Meditation .

  63. Prashanth

    Namaste Guruji,

    I would like to join meditation course is there any free course and what is the timings

  64. maitreyee barman

    can people stay there & give service to the people for entire life?????….

  65. Vidhya

    I am a working woman and single, want to join ashram. What is the procedure and when can i join.

  66. meena

    do you people conduct summer camp for children above 6 years. my son is 6 and half year old.. i wanted to know about the summer camp in basavanagudi mutt.

  67. sowmya

    i m employee , due to some problems i decided to stay in ashram where i can get peace of mind, is any chances r there to stay. please let me know thru my mail id

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