Profile of Chinmaya Mission, Bangalore

Chinmaya Mission founded by Pujya Swami Chinmayananda in the early 50’s has been in the forefront of cultural and religious renaissance in the country and has grown into one of the greatest spiritual institutions of international acclaim. Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda spent over 40 years spreading to the masses the knowledge that he gained at the feet of the great Himalayan Masters.  The Mission Motto, “MAXIMUM HAPPINESS FOR THE MAXIMUM TIME TO THE MAXIMUM NUMBER OF PEOPLE” has been the guiding objective of the mission in all its endeavors.

Realizing that the rich heritage of our scriptures should become a part of our lives right from childhood, Gurudev started Balvihars for children, Yuvakendra for the youth and Study Group and Devi Groups for elders.  These weekly svadhyaya classes have become very popular and form the very backbone of the mission.  To serve society Gurudev started Vidhalayas all over the country where value based education is imparted to the children.  The Chinmaya Hospital at Bangalore offers healthcare with modern super-specialty facilities at affordable cost.  Several Temples all over the globe render solace and comfort to ardent seekers.  The Chinmaya Child Welfare Scheme takes care of the children from the deprived class offering them free food and education.

To assist him in this work Gurudev started several Sandeepany Sadhanalayas where he trained an army of dedicated Swamis and Brahmacharis who have now spread all over the globe continuing his crusade.  Pujya Gurudev worked tirelessly for almost 18 hours a day till he attained Mahasamadhi on August3, 1993.

The mission’s efforts continue under the able and enlightened leadership of Pujya Swami Tejomayanandhaji, Head of Chinmaya Mission worldwide.  In Karnataka Pujya Swami Brahmanandaji has been the guiding force having built the Karnataka Chinmaya team from almost scratch.  Ever since his arrival in Karnataka in the early 75’s, he has put all the bits and pieces together and knit the Mission in Karnataka into one homogenous unit.  Ever since his arrival the mission has looked just different! His Yajnas, Vijnana Maandir classes have taken people by storm.  He was probably one of the earliest of the kannada orators on Vedantic subjects, a Guru who showed that “we stand as one family”, the Gyani whose cassettes on Bhajans, Stotrams and talks are very popular not only in India but also the world over.  His vision in building the mission on guidelines set by Gurudev has seen the Karnataka unit grow in strength in all spheres.

Bangalore centre:

Bangalore has been one of the most active centres in the Chinmaya World Map.  Gurudev’s first Yajna here was in May 1956. In the 60’s while Bombay was preparing to build a Sandeepany Sadhanaalaya, Bangalore was preparing itself for the Chinmaya Mission Hospital! By the year 1970, Gurudev had conducted about 12 Yajnas in Bangalore, Study classes were a regular feature and people started feeling that Chinmaaya Mission had the character in it to show direction to their lives.

Chinmaya Yuva Kendra made its entrance into the Chinmaya family from 1975 onwards and Bangalore took the lead in organizing a teenagers’ camp.

The Deenabandhu Devasthanam which came into existence in 1978 in Indiranagar slowly started attaining prominence and today it is the centre of all attraction and reverence.  The captivating form of the Kaliya Mardhana Krishna attracted many people in the surrounding areas, and daily worship is a grand spectacle to watch.  Regular classes, Satsangas, workshops, sadhana days and observing the religious festivals like Ugadi, Ramanavami, Ganesha festival, Krishna Janmashtami, Navaratri, Deepavali, etc., have made the Temple very popular in the city.

In 1984, Chinmaya Mission got one more property to its fold, at Malleswaram where a Satsang Bhavan along with office and acharya quarter was started in May 1993.  the Satsanga Bhavan has a beautiful idol of Venugopal Krishna.

One of the most spectacular events that ever happened in Bangalore was the Vibhuti Pooja  Celebrations” in 1987.  the programme was from 7th t 19th of April ’87.  A Sahasra Kumbhabhishekha was performed on the 18th and the program concluded with a “Rajat Tulabharam” for Gurudev on 19th (The very first Tulabharam of  Pujya Gurudev)  All this was to celebrate the 70th birth year of Pujya Gurudev.

The first Vedanta course in Kannada under the Acharyaship of Pujya Brahmaji happened in 1989-90.  Five Brahmacharis took Deeksha.

In 95, one more centre of Chinmaya Mission came up _ Cooke Town.  The two storied building on 71ft X 85ft ground was inaugurated on the 25th Dec ’95.  Now the building also houses the Chinmaya Institute of Higher Learning.

Vidyalaya which form a very major activity of the mission has its grass roots at Bangalore with the opening of Chinmaya Vidyalaya at St. John’s Road on May 22, 1981.  the Vidyalaya has the unique distinction of 100% results right from day one.  Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Koramangala began its operations from Jun 1995.  the BDA allotted the site ( 4, 262,50 sq ft area) to KCST on a 30 year lease.  Both the schools are rendering quality education with a  difference and several children who have come out of these schools are serving in high positions and lucrative jobs.

Besides the school, the complex in Koramangala also houses the Sharada Mandir and Satsang hall which has become the centre for mission members of that area.  Regular classes, Satsangs and Yajnas are held at Sharada Mandir.

In 1997 another addition to the list of mission Centre at Bangalore is Vijayanagar.  The centre which has a beautiful idol of Lord Ganesh was inaugurated on May 01, 1997.  this unit is vibrant with regular Satsangs and classes.  The Yajnas of Swami Brahmananda in this area draw a large number of seekers.

On 1st January, 2005 another beautiful big centre SRIPAADAKSHETRA in J.P.Nagar, Banagalore south with Lord Dakshinamurthy as the presiding deity was inaugurated.  This centre has become a very active hub and hosts a number of programmes.  The centre has a beautiful hall has a beautiful hall attached to the temple where 800 people can be comfortably seated.  It also houses a separate Satsang hall for regular classes, an excellent book shop with library facility and comfortable kutias for resident and visiting acharyas.  The regular Monday pujyas in the morning and evening draw huge number of devotees.  Yajnas, Satsangas and regular classes for children, youth, elders and ladies are a regular feature.  The weekly bhajan classes and the daily Vedic chanting classes are attended by a number of serious sadhaks.

The chinmaya Child Welfare Centre to take care of children of slums and construction workers around Marathhalli on the outskirts of Bangalore was started at Chinnapanahalli in 1975.  the school caters to children in the age group of two to ten years by offering them free education and mid-day meals as a part of Narayana Seva, an inspiration from Gurudev’s discourses on Chapter three of the Bhagavad Gita.  The mobile clinic of the Chinmaya Mission Hospital along with a doctor visits once a week for regular medical health care check up of the children and gives free medicines.

Chinmaya Mission Hospital:

In the 60’s to 70’s for the Chinmaya Mission hospital to come into existence in Indiranagar, one major force that has tended its growth was Brahmaleena Swamini Sharadapriyananda.  Her untiring work and seva has brought about the Hospital dream in Bangalore into reality.  This is a modern 200-bed hospital having the latest equipment and a staff of highly skilled doctors and nurses.  The hospital has a 24-hour’s emergency department, a twin operation theatre, an intensive care unit , and an outpatient department that offers cardiology, dentistry, ENT, gynecology, neonatology, obstetrics, ophthalmology, pediatric, pathology, physiotherapy and general medicine services.  In order that underprivileged patients are also able to avail of the hospital’s facilities, a considerable proportion of the services are either provided free or at very affordable cost.  The hospital also provides free immunization to 150 infants every week.  The hospital has also established a community centre in Hoodi village that offers health services combined with welfare activities, childcare and education to the poor people of the community.

Chinmaya Institute of Nursing:

The Chinmaya Institute of  Nursing which has been running a Diploma Course in Nursing and Midwifery since 1985 and enjoyed the uninterrupted recognition of the Indian Nursing Council.  The Chinmaya Institute of Nursing with excellent results has earned a very good name and the Nurses trained here are valued wherever they are.  This year the Institute has been upgraded to collage of Nursing with a four year B.Sc Degree Course with intake of 40 students attached to the Hospital for clinical training.

The mission has also served the society through various other platforms like Old Age Homes, Rural Development Schemes, Vocational Training Schools, etc.,  the mission also has rendered aid during several national calamities.  Bangalore also has been witness to several national camps, youth camps, seminars and workshops and has been visited by almost all the acharyas of the mission who have conducted several Jnana Yajna here.  The Yuva Kendra and study group members have associated themselves with several social programmes which have made the mission a house hold name.  As on October 2009 there are 47 Balvihars, 8 Yuvakendras, 20 study Groups and 8 Devi Groups active in various parts of Bangalore.

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  1. v.sukhadev

    please let me know whther you conduct any vedic classes for senior citizens.

  2. Kavitha Therthala

    Hi Sir/Madam,

    I would like to be a part of the Bhajana Sangham in Indiranagar or Thippasandra. Please let me know how i can be part of this and what is the procedure. I serached in your site. But i am not able to register myself. Please help.

    Thank you
    Kavitha Therthala

  3. Vallabh Rao

    Respected guruji,

    I want to do Yovavera course. so please send me the details of this course.. Please send the details of this course at my e mail id.

  4. Navin Goyal

    I have gone through the Demand Ashtakkam where i have read about the Research Institute at Bangalore . I would like to work for the institute and would like to know the procedure to get the work at your esteemed institute .
    I am life member of Ch Msn Indore .

  5. Nivedita. Alva

    Dear Respected Sir,

    Would like to attend Satsangs organized by the Mission. I did ask you but you said that you are doing some work in the Deenbandhu Mandir premises so it has been stopped . Please let me know when you will be starting the Satsangs please . My phone number is 9980818542. I stay very close to the Mandir.

  6. bharath

    please i want to know where is chinmaya mission in hanumantha nagar my phone number 9739655636


    Is there Chinmaya Mission Center in and around Vijayanagar. I’m interested in listening discourses and attend meditation class. Please inform.
    Thanks and regards,

  8. admin

    Hi Radhakrishnan,

    There is a Chinmaya Mission in Vijayanagar.

    Centre type: NORMAL
    Chinmaya Mission Vijayanagar
    2456, VII B Main Road, RPC Layout, Vijayanagar,
    Bangalore – 560 040

    Phone: +91-80-23302781



    I want to purchase “Bhakti Sudha”(Hindi version) published by Chinmoy Mission for my son who is studying in Class IV at Chinmay Vidyalaya at Koramangala. Neither the school is supplying nor they tell where is it available as aresult the child can not prepare for the examination. Please inform me the address of the shop at bangalore where the same is available .
    Please treat the matter as urgent.

  10. brahmanandarao kv, kakinada, ap

    Revered Swamiji, Kindly accept my Pranams.
    i had the fortune of hearing you when i was wroking in Mumbai and once in Delhi, few years back. Now and then i hear you through youtube. Swamiji, almost a decade ago i bought a multimedia cd on the Bhagavad Gita (produced by Indusvista,Mumbai) containing, interalia, your rendition of the Gita Slokas. Swamiji, I shall be very happy and shall feel fortunate if i could get a medium containing at one place your rendition of entire Bhagavad Gita.
    Kindly advise me in this regard at your convenience, for which i shall ever be grateful.

  11. saritha


    i m very much intrested in bhagvad geeta chanting, bhakti geeta & bhajans. i m staying in jayanagar 4th T block. pls give me address if classes been conducted in surounging to this contact no. is 9036911221.

    Thanks & Regards

  12. admin


    There is a Chinmaya Mission at JP Nagar.
    Chinmaya Mission, Sripada Kshetra,
    4th cross dollors colony,
    J.P.Nagar IV Phase
    Bangalore – 560 078


  13. Mala

    Is there any Bhagavad gita or Bhagavatam classes near Kumaraswamy Layout Area. I am interested in joining the classes. My children were participated in Bhagavad Gita competitions conducted by chinmaya mission in Dubai.
    Thanks and Regards

  14. Kavitha

    Pl. let me know if there are any Balvihar classes for kids and Vedanta/Bhagavad Gita classes for adults around the Mallashwaram/Yeshwantpur/Rajajinagar areas?

    Regards, Kavitha(09503009115)

  15. admin

    We will update the events if we come to know

  16. preethi

    hello there any shloka and bhagavatgeetha classes for children in jp nagar.pls let me know.

  17. Ramesh Babu V


    honourable guruji i had some casstte good collections which song by sri bramanada guruji, but i want now same collections in cds
    is cds (shiva stuti & devi stotra) available in jp nagar br. pls let me konw the branch telephone no and contact person. my

    ramesh babu v

  18. Varsha Joshi

    I would like to know if there is a Chinmaya Mission center / Study Group / Satsang/ Discourses closer to Marathalli?

  19. Vaishnavi

    Respected guruji,I am staying at Nagarjuna Meadows in yelahanka. we a group of students want to learn Bhagavad Gita Shlokas. If you can provide any Guru who can teach us, we would love to learn these shlokas.
    We are waiting for your reply.

  20. b.uma

    i want to know if there is any bhagvadgita classes for my son in and around jpnagar

  21. Namrata


    The phone number for the JP nagar center is 080-26594736. Please call and confirm if the CD’s u r looking for is available.


  22. Priya

    I want GEETA chanting classes for my 9 yr old son near
    Indiranagar or jeevanbhimanagar, bangalore

  23. admin

    Please contact Chinmaya Mission
    Phone: +91-80-25282207
    Fax: +91-80-25281756….


    i am staying near murugesh palaya near HAL i would like to learn

    the chanting of bagvadgita in sanskrit wheter any classes you are conducting in sanskrit i am free on sundays ready to take up the classes full day. please give details where you are conducting the classes


    i am ready to take up bhagvadgita classes on sundays i am staying near H AL IN BANGAORE KINDLY GIVE ME THE DETAILS

  26. admin

    Hi All,
    There are chinmaya mission centers infollowing areas. All are not spiritual centers. Some are social service centric also.
    CMH Road, Indiranagar,

    2.JP Nagar
    Chinmaya Mission, Sripada Kshetra,
    4th cross dollors colony,
    J.P.Nagar IV Phase
    Bangalore – 560 078

    Chinmaya Mission Vijayanagar
    2456, VII B Main Road, RPC Layout, Vijayanagar,
    Bangalore – 560 040
    Phone: +91-80-23302781

    No.31, To Canara Bank,
    15th Main Road, 4TH Block,
    Bangalore – 560095

    No.23/1, 5th Main Road,
    9th Cross, Malleswaram,
    Bangalore – 560003

    6.Cooke town
    No.7, Dcosta Layout,
    1ST Cross, Cooke Town,
    Bangalore – 560005

    For any assistance in the mission like joining to veda or Bhagavadgita classes, study centers, satsangs, ew prefer you visit the nearest center.
    We will be posting the events as it comes.
    But for regular classes, it is better to visit and get the details.


  27. b s sastry

    We want the Kannada translation of Swami Chinmayananda’s book” Vedanta – the science of Life”. Kindly let us kmow the availability (Name of the book shop in Bangalore.)
    With best regards
    b s sastry
    Nagarabhavi bangalore

  28. Neelima

    Is there a Chinmaya mission center in Bellary? Please let me know the details, as I would like to join my son there.


  29. Viswanath Venkat

    I am nearly 80 years of age, and would like to know if you have any Old-age homes in Chennai/Bangalore…I did a 2 Year Residiential Vedanta Course at Sandeepany Sadhanalaya, Powai, Mumbai, in 1991-
    My Acharya was Sw. Chidananda.( I was in Sw. Easwarananda’s batch)….If yes, I would like to know the procedure for joining the same, and how much I would have to pay every month? Is there any possibility of getting admission now?….I would appreciate a reply, either in the positive or negative. Thanks. Pranams,

  30. shashiprabha hegde

    Hare Ram,Pranam Guruji.Iwant to join Bhagavadgeetha classes. Iam staying in Nandini Lay out.Where and when Ican join?Please let me know…

  31. Narayanan

    Dear sir,
    learn Bagawat Geeta recitation. I am residing at Murugesh palya. I can come to indira nagar CMH road. Is there classes if so please let me know the timings. I would be grateful for the response.

  32. lakshminarayan

    Pl. let me know if there are any Balvihar classes for kids
    my phone no 9731873096

  33. lakshminarayan

    Pl. let me know if there are any Balvihar classes for kids in kormangala. pl provide the contact no also. is there any yoga classes for adults .
    my phone no 9731873096

  34. sudeepthi

    Namaste,i would like to know any spiritual classes or bhagavadgita explanation happens near indira nagar,please inform me when it is held on weekends.

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  36. Krishnamoorthy

    Pujya Swamiji,

    Do you have Dakshnamoorthy temple/ daiety at your Koramangala Centre or else which centre.We stay in Sarjapur road.Can you suggest please.



  37. Meenakshi


    Pls let me know if there are any centers in basaveshwaragar or in neighbouring areas.


  38. Shikha

    Hari Om, I would like to know if there r bhagvad Geeta classes in HSR Layout.

  39. lekshmi

    Please let me known about bhagavat gita classes for kids near Richmond town area . My contact number is 9901688553.


    Please let me know bhagavathgeetha classes are going on near Banashankari 3rd or 2nd stage ….

  41. Meena

    Please let me know if there are Bhagavad Gita classes near Sanjaynagar / malleswaram on Sundays.

    I also want to purchase the Bhagavad Gita by Chinmayananda so please let me know whether it is available in book stores like Sapna, etc.

    Thank u

  42. Meena

    I am looking for Narayaneeam classes in JP Nagar 2nd phase.
    I am a working woman and prefer classes held during the weekends.

  43. Padmapriya

    Please give the Ph no of Chinmaya Mission JP Nagar branch, My mom wants to attend Bhagavatham classes, Narayaneeam classes if any with the timings and the contact person name and no.

    Thank you


  44. S.Viswanath

    March 20th, 2014 at 4:54 pm
    Please let me know the details of “GEETA VATIKA” – An interactive software on Bhagavad Gita, published by Chinmaya Mission. If available for purchase, pl let me know the cost in Rupees and the mode of purchase.
    Regards and Thanks.
    Viswanath S

  45. HN Krishna


    I need to buy audio CD on KAGGA in kannada brought out by mission.please let me know the cost and availability

  46. R Rao

    Pujya Swamiji,

    i have attended Gita Gnana Yagnas conducted by Poojya Gurudev and listening to the lectures of Poojya swamiji also. since i wish to spend my life in a serene atmosphere during my balance life span , i wish to know if there is any old age home run in bangalore or kolar,the expenses will be borne by me
    With sincere Pranams

  47. Suchitra

    I want to know if there are any Bhagavag gita competition and classes in Bangalore.

  48. Vasumathi

    I am looking for Bala vihar classes for Kid in Kasturi Nagar or OMBR Layout, Bangalore. Contact details are needed.

  49. Vasupradha

    I am looking for Bala vihar classes for Children (5 yrs old) near Begur/Bomanahalli Road, Bangalore

    Can you pls assist me..Looking forward for a response


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