Nishane School of Spiritual Sciences

Address Line 1 8/26, I main, III stage, binny lyt
Address Line 2 Attiguppe, Vijaynagar, Bangalore-40
Contact No. Of Organisation 080-23180605
Email of Organisation
Means Meditations, Yoga & Spirituality
Details An organization working for the upliftment of the individual who is striving for realization.
The organization has many chapters who are working selflessly to spread the message of meditation, selfless service, peace & harmony. This is not for profit volunteer based organization.

3 Responses to Nishane School of Spiritual Sciences

  1. Venkat

    Interested in yoga, meditation and spirituality. Need genuine guide.

  2. shantaraj

    A very nice place to learn about meditations…The ashram is well within Bangalore but could not really feel that. Nice people who know the best about spirituality. A place to be…

  3. Ganesh

    Do you teach astral projection, or speaking to people who already reached the Feet of GOD? Thanks Ganesh

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