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The Oldest Indian Wine, Draksharishtha and The Intelligence of Ayurveda


INDIA, SEPTEMBER 23, 2011 In India, wine was traditionally used to bring back health. Ayurvedic wines used as medicine is documented in the ancient Indian healing system of Ayurveda. Draksharishtha, the oldest Indian wine, is made of grape juice and herbs, but minus the micro-filtration process that modern wineries use, and minus the stringent temperature monitoring in its making and storage. Even now Draksharishtha is prescribed by Ayurvedic physicians as medicine, 6 spoons of Draksharishtha mixed in equal amount of water, with meals.

Several other Arishthas and Asavas in Ayurveda too use fermented juices and herbs, and they all have a specific purpose – to heal the body of specific ailments.

Ayurveda, the oldest, documented system of medicine does not recommend wine for everyone. Wine is a potent healer for specific health conditions, on the other hand drinking wine without getting a pulse diagnosis done by an Ayurvedic doctor, may work the other way around. For instance, wine is recommended in specified quantity for Kapha body types, as wine has the fire and air element which eases the Kapha imbalance. The same wine is capable of creating havoc in the body of a Pitta or Vata body type person. The Pitta body type, identifiable with a fiery temper, high rate of metabolism, and sharp intelligence is not going to do well with a liberal glass of wine.

In the cool climates, such as in Europe and North America, the Kapha element is predominant. In the tropical countries, it is Pitta that is easy to find. If a Frenchman in France has wine with his meals, it would fire his digestion and work in his favor, whereas an Indian in Rajasthan would be ruining his digestion and consequently his body if he drinks the same quantity as the Frenchman.

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