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Stone Inscriptions of Chola Times Found

KANCHEEPURAM, INDIA, May 22, 2010: Stone inscriptions dating back to the 10th and 11th century AD found recently in a nearby village have thrown light on the way records of properties were maintained during the Chola times. The stones were found last week during digging at the Sirukarumbur hamlet, tucked away from the main road 15 miles from here.

Sirukarumbu, then named Rajarajaseri, seems to have been a bustling and active land of cultivation,as many stone inscriptions were discovered scattered around the mound behind twin temples of the village. The twin temples, whose history is scarcely known, have the deities of Sundarakamakshi and Thripurandeswarar (forms of Lord Shiva).

The stones disclosed the many agreements reached between different groups of people for endowments and upkeep of the temple. The inscriptions also revealed that there were chola bronze images, consecrated and worshipped. The inscriptions were the way the people of Chola times maintained their solid land and property records, Dr. R. Nagaswami, well-known archaeologist and former director of state Archaeology department, told a news agency.

One of the stone documents recorded that a bronze Deity of Umaparameswari, consort of Lord Nataraja, was installed and worshipped by the villagers in the year 1013 AD, the 28th year of the reign of Rajaraja Chola-I, in the temple.

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