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Prayer Can Help You Recover: From India Today


NEW DELHI, INDIA, November 17, 2009: A growing body of studies show that different kinds of spiritual practices, ranging from prayer and yoga to music and touch therapy, facilitates healing in cardiac patients. Not surprisingly, the role of spirituality and prayer in health and healing has been an area of widespread interest for ages.

A notable number of studies done throughout the world on the effectiveness of prayer in the healing process have shown that spiritual practice actually produces a real effect over and above the effect of placebo. Findings presented by doctors and researchers at a recent meeting (organized by Escorts Heart Institute in association with the World Academy of Spiritual Sciences, Cardiology Society of India and HEAL India) also established the nexus between science, spirituality and healing.

“Spirituality is as much about a disciplined balanced approach to life as it is about pursuit of things metaphysical. In its various manifestations for example, prayer and music has a considerable impact in promoting healing. Music helps to relieve stress, which works wonders for the cardiovascular system,” said Dr Ashok Seth, Chairman, Escorts Heart Institute.

The results of a new 150-patient pilot study, which integrated herapies like guided imagery, breath control, touch therapy, and offsite prayer with traditional ones, were promising. While increasingly popular outside of mainstream medicine, this is one of the first efforts to study the impact of noetic therapies using rigorous, scientific research methods, the results of which have been published in the American Heart Journal.

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