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International Karma Yoga Day

UNITED STATES, July 30, 2010 (Press release): The International Karma Yoga Day is an initiative designed to bring together all yoga schools and practitioners around the world for one day of service a year. Every year, on the second Sunday of September, we will link as many different people as we can across the world in kindness, love and outreach. The next international Karma Yoga Day is set for September 12, 2010!

Make a pledge to do SOMETHING that resonates with you. Run a yoga class for free or by donation, volunteer with an organization, bring your community together for a cause, give a little money, or just give a hug.

We encourage and assist individuals, communities, and entire schools in making a positive impact. Feel free to develop your own projects for time and funding donations or you can contribute to our sponsored project for children, which includes poverty alleviation, intercultural exchange, environmental awareness, peace studies and leadership training. Learn more at the source above.


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  1. paulina

    Thanks for the note! We are on fb under the name: International Karma Yoga Day.
    You’ll find there lots of cities joining and doing non profit activities: yoga, meditation, arts, music, picnics, pranayama, lectures, healing and more!

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