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Goddess Durga Fights Modern Demons


INDIA, September 2011 ( India is celebrating one of its most colorful festivals – Navaratri. During the 9-day period, the Bengali community all across the globe will also celebrate Durga Puja. According to ancient lore, Durga the mother Goddess will slay the demon king Mahishasura after fighting him for nine days and nine nights, thus ensuring the victory of good over evil.

But this Navratri in Varanasi, Durga will be fighting brand new demons including global warming. In the ancient city’s town hall, the pandals portray Goddess Durga releasing Ganga the river from the clutch of a demon called Tehri dam. Other pandals (makeshift shrine structures) depict several other small demons which are called terrorism, price rise, corruption and the vanishing lions in the wild. At the Suruchi Sangha club, where the pandal is decorated in a Kashmir style, Goddess Durga will slay multiple modern devils: pollution, global warming, and the melting of the glaciers.

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