Yudhistira Svargarohana – Mahabharata

King Yudhi-sthira, before he went to Heaven was given a look into it and there he saw a number of his enemies, and his heart burned. What were those villains doing in Heaven? They did not belong there at all! Then he was given a look into Hell. Standing at the gate he saw the scenes of fire and torture and heard the murmuring of voices, crying and sighing, and begging him to come and console them. Then he recognized some of these voices : they belonged to his relatives and companions! Anger blazed up in him. He said to his guide, “This is an outrage. Go to the high gods and tell them I shall never be with them again. What! Evil men dwelling with them, and these my kinsmen fallen into Hell? This is a crime. I will never live with those who have brought this about,” he thundered. “I will stay here with my friends.” The messenger left and Yudhi-sthira was alone, heartsick and brooding over the fate of all these he loved.

The scene quickly changed. The sky became bright and all the foulness and misery of Hell disappeared. Yudhi-sthira, looking up, saw that he was surrounded by the gods. “Well, done, noble hero,” said they, “your trials are over, you have fought and won. All kings must see Hell as well as Heaven. Your lifelong compassion has made you divine. Enter now, together with these, your kinsmen and friends, into the kingdom of Heaven and take on your immortal form and state.”

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