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Hanuman, the Ideal

Hanuman, the eternal epitome of courage and strength, a symbol of devotion and dedication was an ardent disciple of Rama. Lord Hanuman is known for his courage, hope, knowledge, intellect and devotion. Hanuman, though aware of the fact that staying with Vaali would get him name and fame he did not support him, but accompanied Sugreeva who always followed Dharma.

Hanuman was a great Speaker. On his first interaction, he won the heart of Rama. He pleasantly rendered his words while communicating. His vocabulary had no confusion, he used the words very carefully which had crystal clear impact on the listener. He was grammatically perfect in his conversations. He had also mastered four Vedas. Hanuman’s facial expressions were clearly rendered with eyes open and wide. There was an air of innocence in his expression mixed with concern. He knew appropriate pronunciations of Hrasva(short vowel) and Dheerga Swaras(long vowels) and accordingly  synchronized his tone.

Hanuman was modest and was an excellent ambassador. Hanuman signified the power for greatness, courage, and to fight in the face of terrible adversity. He never was arrogant. He was determined savior but never showed his dominance. He devastated evil powers. He shattered Akshaya Kumara and destroyed Ashoka Vana and declared himself as a votary of Sri Rama. When Sita Devi interrogated, how intense are the warriors in Sugreva’s army? He replied “Nobody is less powerful than me”. This showed the humility of Hanuman.

He was rationally poised. He filled dynamism in people who were pessimists. He filled optimism in Sugreeva, Sita Devi, Rama and also himself when he was in search of Sita Devi. Passion for Enthusiasm was his main mantra because Enthusiasm is the main cause for all deeds including pleasure that we get in life.

Hanuman knew Rama always wanted to protect Dharma, so he always worked towards this. He was well versed in all Vedas, Shastras. Hanuman was focused, determined, and had concentration which was unstoppable. He was an ardent learner and had immense knowledge of scriptures and is a role model for all generations, especially youth and the children.

Mere remembrance of his name reminds us about assimilation of intelligence, power, courage, health and the technique of deliberation. One has to adopt the principles of Hanuman and make them as the mantra – karya tantra for the betterment of oneself and also the society. Lastly, we pray Lord Hanuman to bestow upon us the power and courage to serve and defend Dharma.

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