Initiation from Swami Smaranananda Maharaj(Voce President, Ramakrishna Math and Mission) in Febraury

Dear spiritual seekers,

There will be an initiation process on 12 Feb and 14 Feb in Ramakrishna Math, Basavanagudi campus.
Swami Smaranananda will be initiating all those who are interested in getting initiated.
Those who are interested, please contact the Math and fill the form and get further details.

Swami Smaranandaji’s visit to Bangalore
10/2/2011 Arrival at 9:00PM
11/2/2011 Rest
12/2/2011 Initiation
13/2/2011 Talk in the evening
14/2/2011 Initiation
15/2/2011 Departure at 7:15AM

You are requested to utilise this oppurtunity for taking his blessings.

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