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Sankranti Lodhi Bag

Time For the activity: 15-20 min

Things needed: Paper lunch bag, jute rope/yarn, empty cereal box(or any light cardboard), sesame seeds, colored construction  paper, glue, markers, single punch hole maker or any sharp tool (take an adult’s help) to make holes.

How to make:

Step 1: Cut 2 strips of the cereal box about 1” wide and length as much as the breadth of the bag. Also cut one more piece with dimensions of the base of the bag.

Step 2: Fold the lunch bag opening about 2” to make a mark, open it and fold the mouth inwards along the mark.

Step 3: Tuck each piece of the card board strip inside the breadth side of the bag so as to give support to the opening.   Now the opening of the bag has two hard sides and two originally inward folded sides. Please refer the picture shown.

Step 4: Stick the base piece with little glue to the inside of the bag. This gives even more support to the bag.

Step 5: Cut two pieces of the rope each about 10” long. Punch 4 holes, two on each hard side of the bag so that you can tie the rope/yarn pieces to serve as the handles for the bag.

Step 6: Close the bag as it was originally, so you can decorate on it. Use the sesame seeds to show as sand in a beach. For this evenly spread glue on the bag and then sprinkle the seeds over it. Cut construction paper in the shape of  one or more kites. Stick it much above the sesame seeds. Draw strings for the kites and some kids flying it.  Similarly you can decorate the other side if you want.

Step 7: Present it to your dear ones with Tilgul or Revadi and more.

Variation: You can use any other theme for decoration as per the occasion. For e.g. A Diwali or birthday goody bag and make it look personal and special !sankrantilodhibag

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