Art of living part 1 course from 11th Dec to 13th Dec

  Address : Ramana Shree Blind School [Behind Shiva Bala Yogi Ashram], J.P.Nagar 3rd Phase, Bangalore
  Pincode : 560078
  Contact No. : +91-9880629071, 9972089818
  Website :
  By : J.P.Nagar

About the Course:

To live life fully and freely is an art, requiring: Skill, Intuition and Creativity & Knowledge. But, with increasing pressure to achieve more in a shorter time span, stress is being considered a normal part of our routine. The stress and pressure, results in lack of concentration, decreased efficiency & interpersonal conflicts. The Art of Living Course provides us with practical tools for eliminating stress, transforming negative emotions and improving our health & vitality.

The course is developed and promoted by the Art of Living Foundation (, an international nonprofit, educational, charitable, and humanitarian organization that is dedicated to serving society by strengthening the individual.

The Art of Living course integrates modern methods with timeless wisdom. Ancient practices of yoga, meditation and rhythms of breath (Sudarshan Kriya), as these are combined in new ways to nourish all levels of Body, Mind and Spirit. Practical wisdom forms an integral part of the course.

The course is designed to enable people to release layers of stress, removing blocks to the increased energy and joy natural to the human condition. Most people come away from the courses feeling energized and refreshed, having just dropped a lot of tension and stress. Participants commonly report that their health improves, awareness increases, and they feel a greater sense of ease in their lives.

Research studies published in scientific journals (e.g., Biological Psychiatry, Journal of Affective Disorders) have demonstrated that the Sudarshan Kriya is effective in increasing lung capacity and combating depression.

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