Workshop on Scientific Spirituali​ty at S-VYASA University

Invitation to a unique workshop on

 organized by All World Gayatri Pariwar, DIYA and Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana(S-VYASA) to commemorate birth centenary of  Pt Shriram Sharma Acharya (1911-1990) & Silver Jubilee of VYASA
DATE: 11 Sep 2011 (Universal Brotherhood Day)
Time: 10:00 AM to 6:30 PM
VENUE: S-VYASA Yoga University,
 Prashanti Kutiram
Manchenahalli, Near Jigani Industrial Area
Workshop Abstract:
 Science and Spirituality are the two most important enterprises of humankind to explore and understand this universe and to utilize the lessons learnt for improvement of humanity. Spirituality without science becomes blind faith full of orthodoxy. Science without spirituality becomes heartless and visionless. Both without each other have lead to profound misery. The problems we face today are only because spirituality is not given its due importance in the modern world. This workshop brings together eminent speakers who would talk various on important topics like holistic health management, fundamental principles of spirituality, how to lead a fulfiling life etc.
The workshop is arranged at S-VYASA a highly accomplished University of Yoga with a beautiful, serene campus on the outskirs of Bangalore.
Please see attached brochure for more details.
 How to register:
 Please send a mail to Amitabh Saraf: , or Shri B S Tyagi: , or Shri Ashwini Katre:

with the following details:
1. Name
2. Age & Date of Birth
3. Residence Address
4. Email ID
5. Phone number (mobile)
6. Official address (in case employed)
7. Whether you wish to avail bus transportation being arranged by us (Y/N)

Registration Fee: Rs 200  (includes lunch, and transportation)

Yours in Yoga,
Co-ordinator-South India,
S-VYASA Yoga University,
Prashanti Kutiram,Bangalore

join for MD( Yoga & rehab),BNYS, Bsc, MSc( Yoga & Management), BSc & MSc ( Yoga) and other Yoga based professional courses starting from 1st August 2011
 at S-VYASA Yoga University- for detail:

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  1. Sudarshan Bharatiya


    I was in the look out since long for your kind of an institute. Thnx that I happened to see your mail. This Sunday I have a per-occupation. I shall look forward for the next immediate opportunity.
    Kindly mail me for any and all such programs held on Sundays.

    S B

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