Yoga of Synthesis By Swami Sivananda

The mind has three defects, namely, impurity, tossing and veil of ignorance. The impurities could be removed by the practice of Karma Yoga and selfless service; the tossing by devotion and chanting; ignorance by the practice of Jnana Yoga, that is, inquiry, analysis, service and meditation. Then Self-realisation is possible.
 Action, emotion and intelligence are linked to this body. They should work in perfect harmony, in unison. The Yoga of Synthesis alone will develop the head, heart and hand, and lead one to perfection. To become harmoniously balanced in all directions is the ideal of religion and of yoga.
To behold one’s Self in all beings is jnana, wisdom; to love the Self is bhakti, devotion; to serve the Self is karma, action. When the jnana yogi attains wisdom, he is endowed with devotion and selfless activity.
Karma Yoga is spontaneous expression of his spiritual nature, as he sees the one Self in all. With perfection in devotion, the practitioner is possessed of wisdom and activity. For him, Karma Yoga is a spontaneous expression of his divine nature, as he beholds the One everywhere. The karma yogi attains wisdom and devotion when his actions are selfless. Through Yoga, the Self can be seen, loved and served.
Follow one yoga as the basic and combine other yogas. A little practice of Hatha Yoga — asanas and pranayamas — will give you good health; Raja Yoga will steady your mind; upasana and Karma Yoga will purify your heart and prepare you for the practice of vedanta. Sankirtan will relax your mind and inspire you. Meditation will take you to liberation.

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