Why Things are dear to us?


(A Monkey with her Children in a Flood)
There was a great flood, a great inundation of the river Ganges, and the river went on rising.

On the branches of a tree were sitting several monkeys; there was a female monkey and some children of this female monkey. All these children came up to the monkey. The water rose up to the place where the monkey was seated. Then the she-monkey jumped up to a higher branch; the water came up to that place. The female-monkey came up to the highest top branch, and the water rose up even to that place. All the children were clinging to the body of this female monkey. The water reached her feet; then she just took hold of one child, one baby-monkey, and placed it underneath her feet. The water rose still higher, and then this female-monkey took hold of another child and placed it under her feet. The water still rose, and the third child she also took up and mercilessly placed under her feet to save herself. Just so it is with us.

People and things are dear to us as long as they serve our interest, our purpose. The very moment that our interests are at stake, we sacrifice everything.
MORAL: Things are dear to us for the sake of Self.

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