Third Batch of Hindus From Pakistan cross Over To india


AMRITSAR, Aug 13, 2012 (PTI–an earlier report): The third batch of Hindu families from Pakistan today crossed over, with members claiming that minority communities were living in oppressive conditions there and urged the Indian government to facilitate immigration of Hindus and Sikhs. Over 250 Hindus belonging to Balochistan and Sindh provinces, where the community has been the target of extortions, kidnapping and forced conversions, have crossed over to India since August 10 amid reports of exodus following the kidnapping of a Hindu girl was kidnapped in Sindh province.

A woman, on condition of anonymity, alleged that the members of minority community “were treated worst then slaves by the fundamentalist groups who kidnap females on gun point.” Struggling hard to hold back her tears, Ramandeep (42) from Balochistan said, “Many worst incidents have occurred with the minority in the Pakistan which cannot be shared publicly for the sake of future of our family”.

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