The Secret of Fulfillment of Desires – Parables of Rama Teertha


There was a man, writing a letter to a friend whom he was pining for and longing to see. He had been separated from his friend for a long time. The letter he was writing was a long, long letter and he wrote page after page. So intent was he on his writing that he did not stop or look up for a second. About three quarters of an hour he spent on the letter, not raising his head during the whole time. When the letter was finished and signed he raised his head and lo! His beloved friend stood before him. He jumped to his feet, and going to his friend embraced him, expressing his love. Then he remonstrated. “Are you here?” The friend answered; “I have been here for more than half-an-hour.” Then the man said, “If you have been here so long why did you not tell me?” The friend said, “You were too busy, I did not like to interfere with your work.”

So it is, so it is. Your desires are like writing the letter. You are craving, willing and washing, hungering, thirsting, worrying, all this is writing the letter, and you go on writing. He whom you are addressing the letter, the objects that you desire are according to the secret Law of Karma, already before you. But why do you not feel them, find them before you? Because you desire, you are writing the letter. That is the reason.

The very moment you cease desiring, you give up writing the letter, you will find all the desired objects before you.

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