The Rising Sun Of Hindu Schools

INDIA, May 2012 (educationworldonline): A silent revolution is transforming the contours, especially the cultural context of Indian education, investing it with the rich and hitherto largely ignored spiritual wisdom and values of ancient India. Across the country education institutions promoted by charitable trusts headed by Hindu seers and saints are mushrooming, drawing students from all sections of society.

Most Hindu religious trusts dispensing education have been doing so for several decades. But hitherto they tended to focus their attention upon the needs of rural children who, neglected by the government school system notorious for absentee teachers and crumbling infrastructure, were content to receive less-than-wholly contemporary education with high spiritual content. However what’s new in recent times is that pontiffs of religious maths have come out of their rural strongholds to offer their brand of education “an attractive combination of the traditional wisdom and culture of the East with state-of-the-art technology-driven pedagogies of the West” to urban elites. And according to all indicators Indian-style new age schools such as Chinmayananda International Residential School, Coimbatore; Jain International and BGS International, Bangalore and similar institutions are attracting increasing numbers of students from India’s newly emergent middle class and the Indian diaspora.

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