The Eco-Ahimsa Ganeshas


HYDERABAD, INDIA, September 26, 2011 ( The Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board has initiated a year-long effort to promote eco-friendly Ganesha murtis for next year’s festivities, thus protecting water bodies from the immersion of murtis made from harmful substances.

A strategy session met Saturday to chalk out out the modalities. Seeking to build a cascading effect, the idea is to check the raw material that goes into murti making and be able to replace the possibly hazardous ones with alternatives.

For the last few years, the effort has been on replacing the small Plaster of Paris murtis with clay ones for residential usage. Now the concept is to introduce clay murtis in large numbers at the community level. This entails training the artisans in the use of clay and providing the raw material and locations for preparing and marketing the murtis.

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