Sevavrati training camp concludes in Bangalore

Nov 10th 2009: Hindu Seva Pratishthana concluded its 40 days training camp for the new batch of 112 ‘Sevavratis’. ‘Sevavrati’ is a very unique and innovative experiment at Pratishthana where young women dedicate 3 h years of full-time for social service after their education and before marriage. During these 40 days of intense training, participants are imparted various life skills, knowledge of Hindu Dharma and Bharath, awareness about social problems and also the mindset required for a social worker. Through games and other physical training, participants also develop stamina as well as team spirit.

After the training, they will be deputed in various service projects like running shishumandirs in remote villages where there are no schools, working with chidlren with disabilities, rehabilitating street children, Yoga and Samskrit. wishes the very best to all the Sevavratis!

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