Second World Hindu Summit in Bali Establishes World Hindu Parisad


BALI, INDONESIA, June 18, 2013 (The Jakarta Post):The second World Hindu Summit has agreed to establish the World Hindu Parisad, a Hindu organization discussion and deliberation forum aiming to expand the network of Hindu devotees around the globe. In addition, the 500 Hindu leaders and scholars from all over the world also established the World Hindu Center, the implementing structure of the World Hindu Parisad. Both the Parisad and the Center are to be based in Bali.

Hindu high priest Ida Pedanda Gede Ketut Sebali Tianyar Arimbawa was elected as the president of the World Hindu Parisad.

The three-day summit attended by Hindu leaders and scholars from 21 countries also declared the spirit of tolerance. “We happily announce to the world that harmony and tolerance shall prevail and that acceptance is the basic principle of our relationships, either with our brothers of the same faith or with our brothers of different faiths. Hinduism believes in one world, one Supreme God and one world family. There are no boundaries or borders in Hindu Dharma. We are all one, we share the same fate and destiny,” the declaration states.

Organizing committee chairman, Gde Made Sadguna, said that Bali should do its best as it has been entrusted by global Hindu leaders. “We are also hoping that Indonesian government will support us, as this also upholds the image of Indonesia and Bali globally,” he added.”We are eager to create a real program that contributes to enhancing tolerance and harmony, both facing challenges all over the world,” Sadguna said.

Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika said that the summit had a strategic role in determining the Hindu position in the world. “Bali deserves to be the global center for Hindus,” Pastika said.Meanwhile, speaking at the opening ceremony of Bali Arts Festival on Saturday, also attended by participants of the World Hindu Summit, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono also appreciated the meeting. “Through the World Hindu Summit, I am urging all Hindu devotees from all around the globe to always develop religious traditions that provide a role model for harmonious life,” Yudhoyono said.

The establishment of the World Hindu Parisad and World Hindu Center is part of the implementation of the Bali Charter, initiated during the first World Hindu Summit in 2012.

HPI Note: Hinduism Today correspondent Rajiv Malik covered the Summit for Hinduism Today. His report will appear in a forthcoming issue of Hinduism Today.

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