Sanjeevini spiritual healing centre

  Contact No. : 9035127903


Past life regression therapy -PLRT (Conducted more than 4000 PLRT sessions),

Spirit Releasment Therapy (released more than 5000 spirits),

Future life progression therapy,

Distant Spirit Removal, Life script change,

Life between lives (life after death & before next birth)

Reiki, Hypnoreiki, Mudra healing, Cord cutting, Remote healing,

Hypnotherapy, Color therapy,

Pendulum dowsing, Creative Visualization Self-hypnosis, Aura diagnosis, Silva mind control, Mind power programming, Meditation, Spiritual Class, Reincarnation,

ESP (extra-sensory perception), LOA (law of attraction), EFT (emotional freedom technique)

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  1. Satesh

    Hi my name is satesh, i want to know the course fee for pendulum dowsing classes. I have also completed reiki 3rd level.. can you also tell me more on what is life script change..

  2. Anup

    Iam told that i inhibit evil spirit within. Kindly let me know if you can help in eradication. If yes, what would be the cost in total.

  3. viswas

    I need a details regarding spirit removal, such as address and cost.

  4. viswas

    my phone number: 9538601532

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