Ramayana Prasarana Kendra, Bangalore

  Address : No.228, 7 'A' Cross, Shastri Nagar, Bangalore - 560028

This is one of the spiritual organization which is majorly focusing on the values in the great epic “Ramayana”.

Activities of the Organization :

  • Satsanga in residences and apartments.
  • Conducting lectures on “Srimat Valmiki Ramayana”
  • Competitions on Shatashloki Ramayana and Samoohika Ramayana Parayana
  • TERA KOTI JAPA YAJNA – Saamoohika “Sri Rama Jaya Rama Jaya Jaya Rama” japa 13 crore times
  • Conducting Ramayana exams in schools, colleges and Sthree sanghas
  • Publishing books

Books published by the Organization :

  • “Dharma Rakshakaru” – Light to the Story of Jatayu and Sampati in Ramayana
  • “Sri Rama and Vishwamitra”
  • “Sri Rama Balastotramala” – Shatashloki Ramayana, Aditya Hridaya, Important Shlokas, Ramaraksha Stotra, Hanuman Chalisa and other God Stotras
  • “Chinnarigaagi Sriramakathe” – Sankshipta Ramayana
  • “Valmiki Ramayana” – Sankshipta Ramayana English

What You can Do??

  • Arrange for satsangs, lectures on Ramayana
  • Arrange lectures on Ramayana through stories in schools
  • You can study Ramayana and spread the same
  • Gifting books published by Ramayana Prasarana Kendra
  • Engage yourself in attending or conducting Ramayana exams in schools, colleges etc.


3 Responses to Ramayana Prasarana Kendra, Bangalore

  1. Naveen

    Can you please publish the results of the Ramayana Exams conducted by Ramayana Prasarana Kendra in September 2013 on your website ?

  2. admin

    It has been sent to the respective colleges or within a week it will reach

  3. Srinivas

    i want to participate in TERA KOTI JAPA YAJNA , let me know the process. and give me ur contact no plz.

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