Plurality in Hinduism Shouldn’t be Used to Deny its Integrity



INDIA, February, 4, 2015 (Swarajya): Vamsee Krishna Juluri, Professor of Media Studies and Asian Studies at the University of San Francisco, discusses his new book, “Rearming Hinduism”, and takes to task academics and media commentators for their concerted campaign against Hindus and Hinduism. Prof. Juluri’s earlier work has focused on media and media influences, especially in the Indian context. His two books, “Becoming a Global Audience and Television” and “Bollywood Nation” establish his reputation and standing as a media scholar. His commentaries and op-ed articles have appeared regularly in the Huffington Post, Times of India, Open, and other newspapers and magazines, and his latest foray is into India and Hinduism studies, and his book “Rearming Hinduism” (Westland Press), already published as an e-book, will be out in print in early February 2015 (visit for more information).

In this book — a passionate, inspired, and even lyrical account of the nature of Hindu beliefs, practices, and faith — Prof. Juluri focuses his ire and his disapprobation on Western academics and media for a calculated campaign of calumny against Hinduism and Hindus. He does not spare the Indian Left/liberal elite for their participation in this demonization and marginalization campaign, and argues that only with a celebration of the timeless values enshrined in Hinduism can the world discover afresh the essence of life and love.

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