Parable Of The Weeds In The Field

A man sowed paddy in his fields. To his surprise he discovered after a week that though the
paddy-crop had come up, there was a more abundant growth of weeds in the field. He wondered: “I have not sown any seeds for these weeds!” The seeds were there latent in the earth. When the farmer watered the paddy-seeds, the weeds grew in greater abundance. He pulled the weeds out. Again they grew. He went on pulling them out by the root; at the same time he protected the paddy-crop. And, the paddy-crop grew and the weeds when they had all been pulled out by the root, ceased to grow on the land. The harvest was rich and plentiful. The farmer rejoiced exceedingly.
Similarly, a Sadhaka engages himself in Japa and meditation; but he finds to his surprise
that evil Vrittis manifest themselves in his mind. He wonders “I have not meditated upon these evil thought-forms. How do they arise within me?” They were there within the mind in a latent form. And they began to grow in the natural course of events. He pulls out the manifested evil Vrittis and thinks he is free from all evils. The Sadhana proceeds satisfactorily for some time, when the evil Vrittis manifest themselves vigorously once again. He is still more astonished. He cautions himself,  as a little carelessness might destroy the entire crop of good Samskaras. Ceaseless vigilance is exercised by the Sadhaka and all evil Vrittis are pulled out. In due time the good Samskaras grow strong and unassailable; and the weeds of evil thoughts pulled out in their entirety, vanish altogether. The Sadhaka attains Siddhi and rejoices in Samadhi.

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