Parable Of The Crow On The House-Top

Aman came to a village and asked another man standing at the crossroads: “Friend, which is the house of Mr. Iyer?” “See that house on the top of which a crow is sitting. That is the house of Mr. Iyer,” replied the second man. The first one went away. He returned after a week and was bewildered to find that no crow was sitting on the top of any house. Again he asked a bystander: “Which is the house of Mr. Iyer?” He replied: “That house with three storeys, which is built of stones—that is Mr. Iyer’s house.” Since then he never had any confusion about the house indicated.

Sastras speak of God or Brahman as the Supreme Origin of the universe: “Yato va imani bhutani jayante”, etc. But this is not enough. For, there are times when there is no creation at all. Hence this is not a permanent definition of Brahman. Therefore they give Eternal Indications like “Satyam Jnanam Anantam Brahma”, etc. By following these indications no one can ever miss to attain the Goal, viz., Brahman or God.

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