Parable Of The Cheating Postmaster


A villager wrote to his son living in a town: .Please send me Rupees 10 every month for my expenses.. The village postmaster saw his opportunity in this and added one 0 to the figure and made it 100. The villager’s son went on sending Rs. 100 every month to his father; and the postmaster coolly pocketed Rs. 90 and gave only Rs. 10 to the father.

The postmaster’s greed grew wilder! He induced the villager to write to his son for more

money. The villager wrote…Please send me Rs. 20 hereafter.. The postmaster added a 0 and made it Rs. 200. His income was doubled thereby.

One day a Postal Inspector paid a surprise visit to the Post Office and found out that the

Postmaster was enjoying himself thoroughly. He made enquiries from the local people  and suspected mischief.

He asked the old villager: .What are your needs?.

He answered: .Rs. 20 a month..

Why are you sending your father Rs. 200 a month, whereas he needs only Rs. 20?. the

Inspector asked the son.

The inquiry revealed the Postmaster’s trick. Promptly he was dismissed and punished

severely. The old villager was saved from being robbed of his income.

It is the Prana in the body that needs food to sustain the body. The needs of the Prana are very few. But the tongue coming between the food and the Prana demands very much more! It demands delicious dishes-sweets, Chutnies, Sambar, Rasam and Dosai. The more it is catered to, the greater becomes its craving.

The Guru comes into the life of the man and points out to him that there is some fraud, and that all that he is eating is not really necessary for the sustenance of the Prana. The thief is caught and punished severely by fasting, saltless diet, etc. He is completely over come. The Sadhaka becomes a Jitendriya.

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