Olympic Multifaith Centre Included Hindu Mandir


LONDON, ENGLAND, August 7, 2012 (Hindu Forum Britain press release–HPI only just learned about this effort): We have established a Hindu Mandir in the Multifaith Centre at the Olympic Village. The temple is staffed by volunteer Chaplains, who do puja in the mandir and offer spiritual care and pastoral support to all who come to us. Or we meet on our daily walks around the Olympic village.

There are many Hindus in the Village; they are athletes, coaches, members of the various teams and staff and volunteers of LOCOG (London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games). We have provided puja for teams before competitions, a listening ear for tired and disgruntled volunteers and place to come and meditate or read the Gita for those who want a quiet haven.

The four Chaplains who have given their time free to do this work are Sachi Kishor, Atmaram Dahal, Bhadresh Trivedi and Bharti Tailor. Atmaran Dahal is a Nepalese Hindu who lives in the North of England. He serves as an Army Chaplain and as such is known to the Gurkha regiments. He had come to London to volunteer his services to Hindu Chaplaincy over the Olympic fortnight.

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