Mumbai’s Yoga institute Holds World Householders’ Yoga Convention


MUMBAI, India, December 25, 2012 (Times of India): The Yoga Institute, oldest organized centre of Yoga in the world, celebrates the completion of 94 years in Mumbai. On the occasion of its 94th foundation day celebrations, the institute held The World Householders’ Yoga convention 2012 December 25 and December 26, 2012 at the Yoga Institute in Santa Cruz East, Mumbai.

The panel discussions including leading personalities from the fields of medicine, education, corporate, and media were on three topics – yoga as education for life, life style management and yoga in healthcare management and yoga guide to living life.

The experience centre facilitating programs like Samattvam (means a balanced state of mind) is intended to give householders a chance to know the physical as well as the subtle (mental, emotional and spiritual) effects of Yoga.

The convention emphasized on recent case studies, sharing insights on ailments like cancer and complications arising due to diabetes and cardiac disorder. It also highlighted a few yogic exercises and sattvic food that can successfully control the various physical and mental ailments.

Addressing the need of individuals today, Smt. Hansaji Jayadeva Yogendra, director of institute, said, “The key objective of the Convention is to propagate a simplified form of yoga for the common man and woman. As Patanjali, the compiler of the yoga sutras, emphasizes on control of the mind which is done on the intellectual as well as emotional level, we want to help each individual in the world to feel true relaxation of body and mind and learn how simple yoga practices helps in gaining clarity of mind and strength of character.”

“Here Householder Yoga is not a brand of yoga, unlike many popular brands that exist today in the Yoga market. It is simply a term to describe a simplified form of Yoga for the common man and woman as we believe that a householder does not require the extreme stretch of Hatha Yoga practices.”

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