Mankutimmana kagga

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  1. harish


  2. Rajesh

    We have heard this kagga series in the cassette & was so much impressed that i bought few more to our close family circle to share among themselves. Harishji you are doing a wonderful job in bringing this to the needy mass in bits which will be wothwhile & successful for your efforts. Hats off to many many such divine souls like you.

    Rajesh & Uma

  3. admin

    Thank you very much..
    Spread the message of Timmaguru, the Modern Bhagavadgita to all your friends

  4. Gopalakrishna Rao.V.

    Good Job. Please add some verses of Kagga. Useful to many people.

  5. Venkatesha sharma Y.S.

    very good social service. thank you very much

  6. admin

    Sure,We will add some more verses of Kagga.
    Thank you

  7. Purushotham.m.r

    It is unfortunate that their was no recognition for ‘dvg’ like jnanapeeta award.

  8. Prabhakar

    The ‘Pravachana Malike’ audio CDs of Dr.Gururaja Karajagi on Mankuthimmana Kagga are very thought provoking. Every Kannadiga must indeed be proud possess them.

  9. sarvaswamy

    Very good. please add all the verses of KAGGA.

    Like-wise please add sarvagnya vachana and others also.

  10. admin

    Sure We will add all verses of Kagga and sarvagnya Vachanas
    Thank you.

  11. Venkatesha sharma Y.S.

    good food to our materialistic mind, to take rest while understanding “nudi muttu ” of D.V.G

  12. Prasanna

    This is very much necessary to translate the kagga’s to other South Indian languages and Hindi. Any body who can do this will be a big contribution to mankind.

  13. Shreepad

    kagga’s r the param guru, n teaches us how to lead fruitful life


    Kannadada bagavad geeta DVG Mankuthimmana kagga

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