Mahasivaratri Is Celebrated Across the Universe

KAUAI, HI, U.S., MArch 2, 2011: Mahasivaratri is the most important festival dedicated to Lord Siva. This holy day is observed by millions of Hindus all over the world. It is one of Hinduism’s most esoteric holy days, when yoga practices, mantras and meditation take the devotee closer to God’s essence within the core of himself. Hindus typically fast, maintain silence and stay up all night to perform spiritual practices, such as worshiping, chanting and singing. In some regions, devotees visit as many Siva temples as they can on this night.

For hundreds of millions of Hindus Siva is the Supreme Being, the absolute One God who both transcends creation and pervades it–thus existing as our own innermost essence. Siva is the powerful Deity whose ener- getic dance creates, sustains and dissolves the universe in endless cycles. He is the master yogi delving into unfathomable mysteries, the supreme ascetic, the prime mystic, the Light behind all light, the Life within all life. Siva is often called Mahadeva, ‘Great Being of Light.’

Tonight, millions chant, ‘Aum Namasivaya.’

Read more about this festival in Hinduism Today’s Festival Media section here. You can also download material, for free, and offer it to your local newspaper for a report on the festival.

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