Maha Kumbh Now A Harvard Case Study


NEW YORK, U.S., January 20, 2013 (Outlook India): The Maha Kumbh Mela, considered the largest public gathering in the world, will be the subject of a case study at Harvard University, which will study the logistics and economics behind it and the “pop-up mega-city” that comes to life in Allahabad during the religious event.

A team of faculty and students from Harvard’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS), School of Design, Harvard Business School, School of Public Health, Harvard Medical School, Harvard Divinity School and Harvard Global Health Institute will travel to Allahabad for the project ‘Mapping India’s Kumbh Mela’.

Creating this huge encampment entails multiple aspects of contemporary urbanism, including city planning and management, engineering and spatial zoning, an electricity grid, water lines and sanitation systems, food and water distribution plans, hospitals and vaccination centres, police and fire stations, public gathering spaces, and stages for entertainments and plays, the university said.

The FAS team will look at various religious and cultural aspects of the event, including the kinds of religious groups present at the festival, devotional practices, tourism and environmental concerns, while the health team will study water quality, sanitation techniques, health clinic readiness and presence and networks of hospitals and public health facilities.

The team from Harvard Business School will gather information on business practices of the Kumbh, including the interaction of the public and private sectors and will also examine the way in which technology, media, internet connections and cellular networks play a role in this year’s logistics as never before.

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  1. Arun

    this event is a strange for us also !

    it is running from centuries. when there was nothing called infrastructure word existed. still people use to manage this huge event. does that mean our ancestors were good ‘event managers’. not just EM’s, Mega, Mega EM’s.
    thanks for the info.

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