Karnataka bans cow slaughter


On the last day of the session, the Karnataka Assembly passed the controversial “Karnataka Prevention of Slaughter and Preservation of Cattle Bill 2010”, which was introduced by the BJP Government on Friday night amidst chaos and vociferous protests by the Opposition. The Assembly also passed several other Bills which include long-pending Karnataka Sanskrit University Bill.

As Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa wanted a detailed discussion on illegal mining in the State, the House went on discussing the topic the whole day. The cow slaughter Bill was passed by voice vote amidst dharna and noisy scenes by the members of the Congress and JD(S).

Participating in the debate, the Chief Minister clarified that the Bill was not aimed at any particular group or community.

He recalled that the late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had written to States in 1982 asking them to ban cow slaughter.

States like Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Jammu & Kashmir had ensured total ban on cow slaughter and even countries like Cuba and Iran had also enforced strict ban, he pointed out. When Speaker KG Bopaiah took the Bill for passage, the Opposition members, led by Siddaramaiah, took exception and trooped into the well of the House shouting slogans. Some of them even tore the copies of the Bill amidst noisy scenes. However, the Bill was passed by voice vote.

Earlier, Siddaramaiah and others, opposing the Bill, urged the Government to withdraw it as it was “draconian, unconstitutional and inhuman.”

It would create social unrest ultimately and lakhs of people would be rendered jobless because of the new legislation, they felt.

The Bill which was reintroduced after its withdrawal by the Yeddyurappa government called “Karnataka Prevention of Slaughter and Preservation of Cattle Bill 2010” has stringent punishment for the cow slaughter. Leader of the opposition Siddaramaiah was in the forefront of the Congress dharna in opposing the bill. Opposing the bill at the introduction stage itself, opposition leader Siddaramaiah and others termed the bill as “draconian” and was “anti-people”.

According to the Bill, cow slaughter and transportation would attract imprisonment ranging from one year to seven years and fine from Rs 25,000 to Rs 1,00,000, depending on whether it’s a first time cognizable offence or more than once.

The Bill also provided for stringent punishment for violation of the Act and provided for powers to “search and seize” of any premises which included “vessel or vehicle”.

The Karnataka Assembly also passed a Bill which provides for establishment of a Sanskrit university in the State.

The Bill was titled “Karnataka Samskrita Veda Vishwavidyalaya Bill, 2009”. But the Government said “Veda” would be dropped when it is tabled in the Legislative Council following objection by DK Shivakumar (Congress), who argued that the study of Vedas is a separate subject.

Congress members contented that study of Sanskrit was important and needs to be promoted, but there was no need for a separate university for Sanskrit. Demanding withdrawal of the Bill, they staged a walk-out.

The Bill, which is with the full support of Higher Education Minister Aravind Limbavali, was then passed. According to the bill, it seeks to encourage research in Sanskrit in the state.

The Speaker, KG Bopaiah adjourned the house sine die.

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  1. Guruprasad

    This is really great to know.
    It is very clear that the opposition does NOT have any sanctity to the culture and heritage of Bharath, India. They have proved their very narrow nature by NOT bothering to know what is present in the Vedas and what how farmers, farm land and mankind is protected by this great anit slaughter bill.
    Kudos to Shri Yeddyyurappa and his team for passing these bills.
    WE really appreciate the guts and grit that you have and vow full support to this great cause done to the whole MANKIND.
    Thanks once again.

  2. Chaitra Rama Murthy

    Many many congratulations to the BJP Government and Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa. Its unbelievable that a supposedly Hindu nation and needs so much pushing to stand up and respect its own holy symbols. Why is it so difficult to stand up and say … these X,Y,Z things are imp to me, dont mess around! ??

    Double thumbs up to Yeddy & his team who have managed to go past the typical roadblocks ( all parties trying to appease Muslims .. such a cliche !) and get the damned bill passed.

    After centuries of being butchered for leather & flesh (Yes ..leather is the primary driver for the Beef industry !) our Go-Matha finally finds some respite.

    Is the beginning of the time where the average Hindu will finally become more assertive ? Hopefully ….

  3. Madhu

    Really useful information. This is great achivement from govt of karnataka.

    If we dont stop cow sloghter, people might start human sloughter soon.

    Land where millions of cows were fed, given to poor people for living being sloghters is insane.
    Jain Bharath, Jain Karnataka

  4. Gurunandan

    this is the starting point of so called civilization! the so called civilized humans first move to behave civilized! Cow feeds us milk from approximately 2nd yr of birth till we die, not just us it has fed our mother and it will feed our children till we die!!! when we love our mother for feeding us for first 2 years with her milk shoudnt we treat cow also as our 22nd mother? it deserves a lot more than what its gettig from the devils of the earth. this ban is the first step which was the need of the hour… it should be made our national animal too… hope this law will be eforceed strictly and we all need to use this oppurtunity to legally punish the culprits who will try to harm her in future…. Jai Gou Mathe… good job BJP

  5. faisal

    There is a vast difference in eating “BEEF” & Smoking. I believe that you have read on the Cigeratte packet ” Smoking causes lung cancer & is injurious to health. But have you read anywhere about eating “BEEF”. Instead, it is written “BEEF” IS the NUTRITIOUS of all meats in Vedas & Upanishads. Please go through it once, believe me you will surely start eating “BEEF”.
    Coming to the point of Mr.Elyas, he told the Govt is forcing peoples to change their food habits. Not “BAD HABITS”. Smoking is one of the bad habits my dear. Dont get emotional by the words of Mr.Elyas,read the words carefully & try to understand them. But I dont understand, What are you against & Why???

  6. sarita

    Sarita, Mangalore / Kuwait Wednesday, March 24, 2010
    Beef has a lot of health benefits. A Hindu doctor advised my uncle who was suffering from Tuberculosis to eat beef and drink its soup everyday because it energizes your body and muscles and gives you the strength to fight the disease. Politicians only want some mileage out of these issues for their own benefit and greed.

  7. dk

    useless fight going on cow slaughter. Why should someone tell me what I should eat and what I should not. If you do not like it do not eat it. And do not get this regionalism into karnataka

  8. Ragupathi

    First stop killing humans, later think about Cow. Farmers depends on cow not only for milk, if it dies they will get good amount for skin and meat. This bill will make their life bitter and they will stop cow in home. It will make more demand for milk.


  9. Laila Lekan

    I found your website on another site. It contains wonderful and helpful posts. I really learned alot from your site. Don’t stop writing articles, because I would become lost!

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