Inauguration of Bookstall at Yeshwantpur Railway Junction, Bangalore

We are happy to inform you that among the various services, in order to promote Religious Harmony, Indian Culture and Ethics of Life, and to introduce the Great Teachings of Vedanta, Sri Ramakrishna and Swami Vivekananda, to the general public especially youths our Math has inaugurated a bookstall at Yeshwantpur Railway Junction, Bangalore. Sri Praveen Pandey, SDCM inaugurated the stall.

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In the month of November our Math had participated in an Annual Bangalore Book festival 2009 held from 6th to 15th November at Gayathri Vihar, Palace Grounds, Bangalore. About 2 lakh people visited this Book Festival. A complementary book “Vivekananda – His Call to the Nation” was given to 15,000 youths who visited our stall.

You can go through the moments of the previous book fairs by clicking the below link

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