Ice Caves Similar to Amarnath Exist in Europe


INDIA, July 14, 2012 (Ariseasia Blog): The ice-formation in Amarnath cave is worshipped by believers to be the manifestation of Shiva in lingam form. Though, this is not unique. The ice-formation in caves is found across the world. The phenomena have been documented by the scientists. But, everyone admits that it is rarest of the rare phenomena and it is also a very recent phenomenon if one compares the geological formation of caves with the appearance of ice formation.

I have tried to document ice-formations in caves across the world and only two other places, both in Europe has ice formation very similar to that of Amarnath. These are the Eisriesenwelt ice caves in Austria and Demaenovska Cave in Slovakia. Eisriesenwelt ice caves are the biggest and the ice formation here resembles more with a lingam in comparison with even Amarnath Ice-lingam.

One thing is clear that like other two ice -caves, even Amarntah ice-formation is a recent phenomena and would not be more than 500 years old. Buta Malik was led to discover it almost at the same time when it began to form during the 15th century. If it would have pre-existed the period, surely the Kashmiri Shaivites like Vasugupta , Abhinavagupta, Kallata, Utpalacharya would have discovered and mentioned about the gigantic caves. Kashmir was also a famous centre for Buddhists. The Buddhists explored far flung caves like Dunhuang, Karle, Ajanta to build magnificent monuments. It is surprising that the huge Amarnath cave escaped their attention.

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