Hindus of Los Palmas Celebrate Lord Krishna’s Birthday


LOS PALMAS, CANARY ISLANDS, SPAIN, August 16, 2012 (, translated from Spanish): Music, dancing, native foods and hundreds of people of the Hindustani community came together last Friday in Infecar for the birthday of the Hindu God Krishna. Over 750 people came to celebrate Janmashtami, the birthday of the Deity which is held in August and is celebrated around the world by millions of the faithful of all countries.

The children became the stars of the event with performances in their native language as they remembered the life of this divine figure. His teachings and stories of childhood and youth were repeated with grace and self-confidence by over 150 participants, many of them younger than 10 years. After six months of rehearsal, the stage was filled with childish glee with the representation of narrative of Srimad Bhagvat Purana, the Hindu scripture which recounts the experiences of this God.

Attendees, many of them barefoot as usual in the temples and dressed in their colorful costumes filled, enjoyed the show sponsored by the Indian Religious Cultural Society Satnam Sakhi Mandir, with the work of 150 organizers and many other collaborators who have funded the event with the cooperation of the entire community. This temple has been observing the festival of the anniversary of Krishna for 28 years and “every time there is more participation by young people,” said Vindu, one of its coordinators.

“The Janmashtami is more than just a festival for Hindus, is a way to remember our culture and teach the little ones,” said Vindu. In this way hundreds of faithful recall their traditions. “And we transmit to new generations,” said, “is a way to keep our past alive and avoid forgetting.”

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