Hindus Continue to Flee From Pakistan

BALOCHISTAN, PAKISTAN, January 4, 2011: Hindu chemist Vijay Kumar, 33, says that more than a hundred families in his area are making efforts to migrate to India. These Hindus are ethnic Baloch, suffering with the deteriorating state of local law and order.

According to the home department, 291 people were abducted for ransom throughout Balochistan in 2010. Hindus are a main target. The recent incident of abducting a leading spiritual leader, Luckmi Chand Garji, has shaken the community. He has not yet been released.

Director of Ministry for Human Rights, Saeed Ahmed Khan said that migration of Hindu community started in 2005 and still continues to date. “I have personally observed that many Hindu businessmen families had shifted from Quetta even during the past five years,” he said.

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