Hindu Statue Unearthed At the Lost Banks of Sarasvati River

The Archaeological Department has unearthed an ancient statue of a Hindu Deity in Kurukshetra. “A few centuries ago, a pilgrimage site might have been situated here on the banks of holy river Saraswati. We were excavating this ancient pilgrimage’s pond and found this statue buried deep inside. This statue is made of sandstone and Uma Maheshwari’s (Goddess Parvati) depiction is engraved on the statue alongwith her two sons, Ganesh and Karthikeya,” said Rajendra Rana, Archaeological Departement, Sri Krishna Museum. “This could be almost 1000-year-old statue belonging to 10th or the 11th century,” he added.

According to experts, that was an ancient pilgrimage site situated on the banks of holy river, Saraswati. A large number of devotees used to gather to worship.

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