Grand Basin: Inauguration Of Unique Shivalinga Mandir

MAURITIUS, February 24, 2013 ( The president of Mauritius, Kailash Purryag, Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam, and other government ministers will inaugurate the first phase of the Somnath Spiritual Park at Grand Bassin. The ceremony will include the dedication of a Shiv Mandir and laying the foundation stone for the second phase of the project.

Veerendra Ramdhun, president of Hindu House, stated that the first phase of the project, which includes a Shiv Mandir, a ganshala which will feed a hundred cows and a Shani Dev Mandir, has a cost of US$640,000. The project has been built on an area of two acres out of the 16 acres allocated to the Hindu House by the government. The park will be a spiritual retreat for people under stress. Yoga and meditation will be taught and those wanting rest will be able to stay for two days, Ramdhun said.

The Shiv Mandir has a huge Shivling surrounded by 108 smaller Shivlings. According to Acharya Sooklall the mandir has a unique innovation where the sacred water brought by the devotees will bathe the 108 shivlings simultaneously through a special arrangement of water conduits. Twenty Indian workers were busy yesterday painting the walls of the dome, laying the pipes and arranging at the bottom of the platform the representations of 24 Hindu deities.

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