Ghosha Yaatra from Mahabharata


One who tries to spoil others will himself get spoilt. This was very true in case of Duryodhana. Right from childhood Duryodhana, Dusshaasana, Karna and Shakuni (Dushtachatushtayam) tried to harm the Paandavas in many many ways. This episode happened during the Vanavaasam of the Paandavas.

Once Duryodhana, who didnt want to let Paandavas live peacefully even in their vanavaasam, asked his guudhachaari to inform himself about the whereabouts, dina-charya etc. of the Paandavas. The guudhachaaris performed their duty and reported like this:

“Arya! According to your aagnya we searched all forests. We enquired all the things you asked for. Dharmaraaja is doing many Yaagas, Vratas. Currently he is doing a Divya Yaagam by name ‘Sadyaskadam’, with the help of Munis”. Listening to this news Duryodhana got Mati-bhramanam. He thought if we let these Paandavas continue to do such Yaagas, Vratas and get many siddhis then it will be still more difficult to kill them. He wanted to destroy the Yaagam somehow. Since it was already late, all of them started to the forests immediately. Duryodhana told the Kuru-kula-vruddhas like Bheeshmaacharya, Dronaachaarya that they were going for Ghosha-Yaatra (and told nothing about disturbing the Paandavas). In Ghosha-Yaatra, the King goes to see the Yoga-kshemam of the Gomaatas in his Raajyam. They telling that it is Ghosha-Yaatra, instead of going to Go-shaalas, reached the forests and tried to camp near the place where Paandavas were doing the Yaagam.

Duryodhana ordered to put tents around the Sarovaram (that was near by). Immediately Gandharva-veeras appeared and said like this “O muurkha-maanavas! This area in currently under the control of the Gandharva-Raaja Chitrasena (Chitrasena was the Gandharva who taught Arjuna Naatyam, when he went to Indra-lokam). No one must(can) enter this. Please go away. Else we will kill you”. The ahankaari, Duryodhana, didnt like these words. He ordered his sainyam to occupy by force. Immediately many many Gandharva-veeras came there and a big Yuddham started between Gandharvas and Duryodhana, Dushshaasana, Karna aadi Kaurava-veeras. In no time Chitrasena defeated the Kaurava sena. Kaurava Naayakas like Duryodhana, Dushshaasana and Karna were lying unconscious. Kaurava Raanis, with Bhayam, ordered the sainikas to go and request Paandavas, the Dharma-vartis, for help. Listening to the aartanaadam of the Kaurava-sainikas, one of the first to respond was Draupadi.

Draupadi said “I think helping our bandhu-janam in their kashta-kaalam is good”. Yudhishthira, the Dharma-nandana, immediately asked his brothers to go and help the Kauravas. Yudhishthira-anujas replied “Priya Bhraata! we will immediately go and save Kauravas from Gandharvas and come back”. They did Namaskaaram to Yudhishthira and went to Chitrasena.

In no time Bhiima-arjuna defeated the Gandharvas, Chitrasena and released the Kauravas. Seeing the super-human Bala-paraakramas of Arjuna, Chitrasena praised Arjuna and requested them to grant him the Darshanam of Yudhishthira, the Dharma-muurti. With aanandam, Bhiima-arjuna took Chitrasena along with Kauravas to Dharmaraaja. Seeing Yudhishthira, Chitrasena did pranaamam and said

“O Dharmanandana! Knowing that Duryodhana aadi Kauravas planned to do apakaaram to you, Devendra sent me here to stop them. However, with a Vishaala-hrudayam, you sent your brothers to save these paapaatmas”.

Even after knowing the kutila-buddhi of Duryodhana, Dharmaraaja didnt show any disrespect to him. He freed him from the bandhas, did hita-bodha and sent them away. Taking along with him Karna, Dushshaasana and other Kauravas, who bent their heads down with shy, Duryodhana left for Hastinaapuram.

Morals in the story:

  1. People who try to do bad to others will face difficulties themselves. Duryodhana, who was burning with Asuuya, Iirsha tried to harm the Paandavas; instead he got ghora-apamaanam.
  2. The Kshama gunam of Dharmaraaja is well shown in the story. Uttama purushas do Upakaaram even to an Apakaari.
  3. The Dharmya-vartanam of Draupadi and Paandavas is once again shown in this story. They immediately helped the Kauravas, who were in trouble, though always Kauravas tried to destroy them. Draupadi devi deserves a very special mention because, she helped the Kauravas even though they did the great insult of her in the way of her Vastraapakarshana.
  4. Knowing that elders like Bhishma, Drona will say “no” if they know the truth that Kauravas are going to disturb the Paandavas, the Kauravas told that they were going for Ghosha-Yaatra. Telling lies is a very bad thing.

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