Donating to Preserve the Presence of Hinduism on the Web

KAUAI, HI, December 17, 2010: Hinduism Today’s websites and those of its publishing company, Himalayan Academy, are engaged in a year-end fundraising with a clear goal: to keep quality resources about Hinduism ever available on the web, for free.

Creating and sharing an articulate and graphically elegant repository of Hinduism is neither easy nor without costs. Yet there has never been a greater need, with youth learning their first spiritual concepts online and millions discovering Hinduism digitally. Our annual fundraising campaign is a chance for you to help us to help Hinduism globally.

Activities at Kauai’s Hindu Monastery (whose monks produce Hinduism Today and HPI) operate on a donation basis, and when we need money for a project, we raise funds for it. We are strict in the usage of those funds; contributions are only used for the projects they are given for. Some projects, such as Hinduism Today magazine and our various books, are self-funding, and because volume is low (we are in a niche market), there is little or nothing left over when all of the costs of producing those projects are taken care of.

For many years, we have operated under the guiding principle that our many Hindu resources will all be available digitally for free. Yes, we could charge for them, but many who might find them inspiring or needed would simply not pay. But free to them is not free to us. We have significant costs in running some of Hinduism’s leading websites. Plus we want to grow a little, maintain and upgrade the websites, engage some professional help, support the computer systems we use to produce and provide all of these vast resources. These goals all come with a price tag. It’s a small one, but it is there.

We are committed to providing it all without charging for downloads, without showing advertisements on our sites, without commercializing our mission. Without these revenue sources, we turn to you to help.

This year’s drive ends on December 31. Many have given but our goal is still not in sight. We hope you will join in helping us meet our $50,000 goal. It’s not a lot of money, but in the right hands it will have a profound impact on the future of Hinduism around the world. Please make a donation today to keep our sites strong today and well into 2011. You can donate here.

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