“Dharma Bee” Draws Huge Response As Registration Swells

HOUSTON, TEXAS, February 28, 2013 (Indo American News): The Dharma Bee contest, organized by the Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (HSS), is getting enthusiastic response from children of all age groups all over USA. Learning from the popularity of Spelling Bee contests among Indian students, HSS has come up with the idea of Dharma Bee to make children learn about Hindu culture and heritage in a fun environment. The topic is Bhagwan Sri Krishna (early childhood stories) and Swami Vivekananda (life and message).

Over 2,300 children have already registered for the contest to date. Children in grades Kindergarten to Eighth are eligible to participate. There are 4 groups. Group 1 is K-1st grade; Group 2 is 2nd-3rd grades; Group 3 is 4th-5th grades; and Group 4 is 6th, 7th, 8th grades. After registration, the contestants are required to undertake an online pre-qualifying exam to test their preparedness for Level 1.

The nationwide contest, first of its kind by HSS, will be held at 200 centers across 30 states. Level 1 will be mostly objective questions and written (similar to practice online exam). At Level 2, it will be oral (objective and subjective). Level 3 will have written, oral, and team aspects to it. Before Level 1, the contestants may do a Home Project which is optional. Level 3 National will be held at June 15-16 weekend in Chicago. The organizers will take care of all boarding and lodging arrangements. Some travel allowances may also be considered. For more information, visit

In Houston itself, 19 prominent Hindu organizations have opened their heart and premises as the Dharma Bee Centers for level 1 test. Along with rest of the country, Houston has seen a surge in interest towards this noble and unique project. HSS is expecting 10,000 children to participate in this by the time the registration closes next month.

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