Corporate Heads Take to Yoga



CHENNAI, INDIA, December 13, 2014 (Deccan Chronicle): A group of 11 people, all corporate heads above 45 years, are exposed to yoga for the first time at a workshop. Almost all complain of pain in the neck, back and the knee while performing asanas and while sitting on the floor for minutes together. Dr. Krishna Raman, consultant physician, internal medicine, offers tips and changes in sitting position.

When we sit properly, it gives energy to the mind,” Dr. Raman, the medical specialist who combines internal medicine and yoga, explains at the workshop. While sitting, shoulders have to drop down and if so, the neck is also relieved.Yoga is most often perceived as something for flexibility, breathing and spirituality and we do not appreciate it, says Dr. Farzana Siraj, consultant therapeutic yoga, adding that hot and power yoga are a corruption of yoga. We have to sit and stand in a proper posture. Leaning forward is ageing and leaning backward is anti-aging, says Dr. Siraj.

Yoga instructors in the city say that awareness about yoga and its benefits has been increasing and many young people now prefer attending classes. Given the demand for yoga and naturopathy, the government yoga and naturopathy medical college in the city has increased the seats from 20 to 50 from this academic year.

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